For all you Bruce haters

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Didn't say he wasn't a good player. Said I hated his antics. So what is your point? He was an egotistical player then and so I wish the trade had never been made. I will never like the guy as a player

Nobodies perfect bud, and as long as he pulls highlights like those in Hamilton, your probably going to be the only Bruce hater left. In which case, maybe the Argo's need a new fan.

I doubt that. There are still some of us left who aren't hypocrites. Again I say, never doubted his talent, just don't want the clown act comming from any player even my own team's players. If his act is unacceptable in Toronto its unacceptable in Hamilton. BTW its never a good idea to alienate fans when you need them for your very existance. Thats a very stupid thing to do. We can disagree on things but I hope you never stop buying tickets because without paying fans we have no team

Coming off a crappy decade, beggars can't be choosers. People want a winning season and they want it NOW. Not 5 years from now. Bruce along with many other's (Goodspeed, Johnson, Floyd, etc.) are a HUGE step in the right direction. His act is SEVERELY overblown, and really, the guy isn't that bad. I was chatting with him today after practice and after getting his autograph, and he's happy to be here and wants to repay the fans for supporting him here by playing better then he ever has. I welcome that, and I don't think it is hypocracy, cause personally, I always liked the guy as a receiver, just didn't like him as an Argo.

I agree we are a lot better. I don’t agree his act is overblown or that we even need him. He’ll make us better perhaps, but is he worth it. IMO, no. BTW that IS hypocricy. I like Thomas Plekanic … I hate the Habs. There is no I hate him as a Hab, I like him period

On vacation in Cape Breton (glad I got to see the last quarter of the game). Sorry 15, I've got to agree with AKT

Really? So you'd rather not have taken the Argo's best receiver for practically nothing? You'd rather not have another all-star that teams will have to worry about, and now have to decide, double cover Rodriguez, or double cover Bruce? Either way they're going to get BURNT! Our receiving corps was instantly upgraded, and I definitely would say he's our best receiver now. What exactly is he going to do to harm the team? Do a stupid TD celebration or two? Oh noes!!!!! Please don't Bruce!!!! Please Bruce, these TD celebrations are going to ruin the team, please gtfo and go catch 10+ td's with another team! Really? Did some1 pi$$ in your coffee or you on a personal vendetta with Bruce or something? He's a nice guy, the team loves him and most of the fans here love him already, I just can't see how he's going to be a problem here.

I'd rather not have him, yup that sums it up. I want to actually like the team I follow. If he's going to embarrass the organization with a TD celebration I hope he never scores one

Then don't, Bruce is a Ticat end of story. Find another team if necessary.

Again you are being stupid with the we don't need you routine. A sports franchise needs everyone

It's not particularly the TD celebrations. . . it's the lack of discipline and the me-first attitude. I hope he's changed. If not, I still don't like him as an individual, no matter how good a player he may be. His accusation of racism against the refs in the 2006 playoffs was, to my mind, inexcusable and he should have at least been a man and apologized for spewing such nonsense.

Well, you said basically that you wouldn't like any team that Bruce is on and he's a Ticat so.. Yeah. People don't take kindly to Cat haters here. FYI did we not go through the me-first attitude with Printers aswell? People seemed to love him though.

So now I’m a Cat hater for not loving Arland Bruce. What a joke. Troublemaker

Golly gee, sounds like you said that you want to like the team you follow (ticats), and any team Bruce is on would make you not like them (Bruce is a Ticat). Put 2 and 2 together and you now have a cat hater.
Having Bruce not only guarantee's offensive success, but also a sell-out or near sell-out on labour day.
Any fan that would rather his team fail then have Bruce on the team...

No you have someone who failed comprehension 101. Love the Cats, just wish AB was not on the team and frankly any other conlusion you have come to is pure fantasy You can't even quote properly. I never said that Goodbye

Oh well, the Ticats thankfully don't take advice from armchair QB's, so let's see if Bruce will get his first TC TD on Saturday.

I for one am glad he is on the team he has been good to the media and fans so far so what he does a few dances its been yrs since anyone has even had reason to dance on this team i for one cant wait to start winning and see someone on our team dance instead of the others. welcome aboard bruce :smiley:

Thank you! Bruce has ALOT to offer us, he's not just some random tool that likes to do endzone dances, be thankful he'll even get there for us ffs.

Thats OK with me so long as we can agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion