For All Maritimers: Party On TD Atlantic Gameday !!!!

For any of you Maritimers out there, and everyone else coming down to Halifax for the Touchdown Atlantic Exhibition Game on the 11 June:

Peddlers Pub, largest sports bar in Halifax, will be holding a CFL Fan Party on June 11, Gameday between noon and 4pm. After the party, we head over to Huskies Stadium for the Touchdown Atlantic Festival, and then the game that night. 8)

We will be holding a silent auction in support of the IWK Children's Hospital at the party. We hope to have the items out for viewing and bidding before Friday lunch hour. Lots of great stuff from local businesses, CFL Hall of Fame, CFL,, Molson, etc. :smiley:

There will also be prizes for the best dressd fans, door prizes from Molson, and more !!! Lots of Ti-Cats, Argos, and "all around" CFL Fans are coming. Plans to be a great afternoon. Don't miss out on this one. :smiley:

PM me for more details if you need 'em. I'm one of the host's for the event. :mrgreen:

Stan in Halifax, aka hfxbomberfan on

What’s going on?
[b]The Touchdown Atlantic Meet and Greet
Silent Auction/Pregame Party
Benefitting the Jeffrey Naveaux Memorial Fund in support of the IWK Sick Childrens Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Program.

Presented by:
CFL Fans Fight Cancer, 13th Man, Peddlers Pub, Molson’s and Reebok Canada[/b]

Where is the event and the address?
Peddlers Pub
TEL: (902) 423-5033 FAX: (902) 423-7988 , Email: IWK is the sick children’s hospital in Halifax.[/b]

What is up for auction?

[b]What’s not up for auction!
-2 new Reebok replica CFL Argo and TiCat jersey’s signed by the 2005 TiCats and Argos.
-3 Argo and 3 TiCats Reebok hats signed by members of the teams.
-A Molson beer can fridge donated by Molson’s.
-TiCat merchandise donated the team.
-Two CFL footballs signed and donated by the Toronto Argonauts.

  • Touchdown Atlantic merchandise and CFL Golf shirts donated by the league.
  • TSN merchandise signed by Chris Schultz and members of the Friday Night Football Panel.
    -Canadian Football Hall of Fame Merchandise sweatshirts
  • Halifax Fire and Rescue Gift set, including a shirt, watch and other great items.
    -a BBQ donated by the Halifax business community.

And that's not half of what’s up for bids, come and see.[/b]

Who is going to be there?
[b]All CFL fans are welcome!

-TSN camera crew will be stopping by.
-Yet to be confirmed; appearances by the TSN personalities.
-Friends of the Argo’s Fan Club
-Legendary CFL fans The Box J Boys

Who else is going to be there?…..YOU![/b]

Remember the Party starts at noon and everyone is invited!

Let us know you are joining us for brunch and a pregame CFL celebration!

Bumping this up for any newbies and folks heading out to Halifax next week who haven't seen it.

Jare :wink:

Doesn’t seem to be as many people here as or 13thman, Jare.

Great work on making my post a little more colourful, buddy ! I’m not much of a computer guy. :lol:

COOL! and thanks!

Where did you got thos prizes, other then the one that says donated by the team. Did you buy it all?

None of the prizes have been purchased, they have all been donated by the company's mentioned and the Halifax and Hamilton Business community. Thanks to the hard work of hfxbomberfan, Tigger from, and volunteers of

Reebok Canada stepped up with a one time donation of 4 CFL jersey's which are being signed as we speak.I will be picking up 4 CFL jerseys and 6 CFL hats from the Cats and the Argo's on my way to the airport on Thursday.

Molson's, Peddlers Pub, the CFL, the Tiger Cats and Argo's are all helping out.

This "CFL Fans Fight Cancer" event is going to set the benchmark high for the tentative Toronto and Hamilton silent auctions scheduled this season.

Feel free to ask more questions.


A bump to see who's joining us.

Argo and TiCat fans alike will be in the same pub talking gotta be there. These fans know their stuff.


Hello all:

Just got off the phone with the TiCats, they have donated two tickets to any game this season.

We are putting this together with a $100 gift certificate from Philthy McNasty's restaurant to make a great game day package.

Now if anyone knows someone in management a a respectable Hamilton Hotel who wants to to donate a night or 2 to make this package attractive to East Coast football fans wanting to travel to Hamilton for a game.

Please contact me before Thursday at

Thanks, two more sleeps until the fun begins!