For all intents and purposes...

Just heard about the trade for Kashama. Seems like a decent DL. Better then anyone else we have.

So just thinking...

We didn't really give up anything for him (conditional draft pick).

If we put it with the trade yesterday (although it's with a different team), we basically gave up Moreno, and a conditional pick and got Kashama, a first round pick, and the rights to Corey Mace.

See what I'm saying???

I can accept that a little more now.

This sort of even keeled common sense is way out of line.

Stop it!

(Now where did that panic button go?)

Sorry I don't know what came over me...

Fire Obie! Fire Bellefellle!! Fire Mitchell! Trade Lumsden! Write to Bob Young! Don't show up to the games! AAAAAAHHHH!! :wink:

Sorry, but that doesn't make me feel any better at all.

for all intents and purposes, the purpose of our intent is to discover the intent of our purpose.

This yrs ticats in a nutshell 8)

We need ronfromtigertown in here to talk about Edmonton and their diminishing assets model... perhaps people will see why we traded a 30 year old linebacker.

What we need is 3 consecutive wins plus Ron's feet are sore LOL!

I feel dumb, I always thought it was 'for all intensive purposes'!!

only in canada ehh