For 2008

It's just mere hours away from another CFL campaign wrapping up. With all that happened this season, it was another solid one and personaly speaking, I can't wiat for the big game in a couple hours (Go Bombers Go!!! I can't cheer for the Riders, sorry!) and more importantly, next year! With that being said, as CFL fans, what would should the greatest football league in the world do to make 2008 better than 2007?

Myself, here are some ideas I have....

Get rid of the Thursday night games, CFL games should be on Fridays and Saturdays with the odd Sunday game (with the exceptions of Labor Day and Thanksgiving). As a season ticket holder of the Eskimos, the two Thursday games (I know it's not too many but still)were a pain in the butt!

Start the season a little earlier. After the Walby's Warriors telecast yesterday Elliott Freedman of CBC talked to the Comish and brought this up to not overlap the NFL season too much. I think they meant starting it early where the Grey Cup would be in early October. Personally, that's WAY to early for the Grey Cup, but starting the season early June would have the Grey Cup in early November.

There was talk of expansion during the "State of the league address" and I totally agree with Mr. Cohon with that. Ottawa is the obvious choice but 10 WOULD be better than 9 and for now Quebec city would be an obvious choice because of the stadium they already have. All they have to do is just add on much like they're doing in Montreal.

Last of all....

Don't stress about the No Fun League (NFL)! The CFL is not going anywhere, Cohon IMO has had a great first season as commish and I believe him when he says "we'll be playing 3 down football for another hundered years". He's got a great vision for the CFL.

I agree with the Thursday game but I would like to see more on Sunday.
Double header on Friday
1 game Saturday
1 Game Sunday.

Ditto their were way too many ngames on a thursday they need to start the season sooner and have more games on Friday-Saturday with some expections with games on Sunday( Banjo bowl, thanksgiving,and labour day.) From a fan of 2007 grey cup winning team

One Friday, two Saturday, one Sunday...that is all.

I can live with that

I'm just wondering how the heck I'm going to live through the next seven months or so....

Guess we'll just have to post a lot of expansion threads.

You shut your mouth, Jack. Take it back.

...for 2008 I am really hoping for mandatory capes on all QBs....

They could all wear those red contacts Burris does, too...super freaky...

A thousand I need to wash my mouth out with soap?

Sask will always prefer Sat. abd even more Sun. traditionally, because its called Sask., RR not Regina. Legions of fans travel up to 12hrs return trip each weekend to partake.


No need, MadJack...admitting your error is sufficient...:wink:

I think it should be one game on Friday, double header on Saturday and one on Sunday. Now I hope the scheduling comitee and the Commish gets hold of this thread and realizing that the majority of us hate the Thursday night game.

...don't count my comments in as the "Thursday hating" crowd...I don't mind the Thursday game at all - Fri./Sat./Sun. is simply a preference...

My bad man! Let's rephrase this, the majority of us dislike or do not prefer the Thursday night game.

I'm game...

Doesn't TSN have Jays on Sat. early and often?


I would like to see Thursday night games in the summer. Those games could be moved to Friday or Sunday after Labour Day. I also think Sunday games in the summer and fall would be popular, especially on the prairies where folks like to get out in the nice weather…

TSN Football Thursday (until LD)
Friday Night Football (TSN)
Football Night in Canada (Sat 7:00pm TSN or CBC)
TSN Sunday Football (Sun 1:00pm or 4:00pm, 7:00pm in summer)

Perhaps the season could be moved back one week, with the GC being played on the 2nd Sunday in Nov…as attendance wanes in some cold markets in late Oct./Nov. A 2nd bye week could be added, thus starting the season 2 weeks earlier. This would leave less “lag time” between the end of the Stanley Cup and the start of CFL preseason…while taking advantage of the better summer weather.

Perhaps the Canada Day holiday could have a similar double-header like LD & TD? Ideally opening the new season with a GC rematch??

I dont mind the Thursday games either. Thursday and Friday are my nights off, so I can watch plenty of CFL, and have a few beers or drinks while doing it!