Foothills park remodelled?

Anyone have news or updates about this? This would be a great addition if it were to get approved. Updated McMahon stadium plus a new field house and other amenities. Hopefully they do what they did with Ottawa’s set up. I visited the Ottawa red black stadium and it’s a great scene. Good restaurants/bars and hotels nearby. It would be great to see this in Calgary.


…a couple years ago PBA Group (a family-owned developer who’s been quietly working in the YYC area for 55 years) made the pitch to city council about how a three way deal could work with their company, the city and the university and quite frankly no one could deny it was a tidy workable solution…that was around 2015-16 I think, and is the same plan your screen grab shows…interesting that this was revisited just this last June…hopefully it was still with PBA involvement…

…but the timelines on this are glacial in nature, look at how long it has taken for mere ideas to be tossed around…and nothing will happen (nothing) until the new hockey arena stampede grounds revitalization is complete…no chance whatsoever the city spends any dough on Foothills Athletic Park (where McMahon sits) until the arena project and expanded convention centre is complete…so we can expect another five years or so of contemplation and pretty drawings before even any earnest discussions will be had…

…our best bet for a timely stadium upgrade was the 2026 winter games…even though I supported the Olympic bid at the time it’s probably a good thing that didn’t go ahead now in our weird pandemic world…


That’s a good point actually. Priority definitely has been around the flames arena and Victoria park… and even that was a bit of a nightmare- for funding and now higher costs of materials due to the pandemic. Hopefully this goes through eventually, McMahon could definitely be upgraded.

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I love watching CFL in Calgary and our stadium in my opinion is the best to view game action from. Great sight lines and usually pretty good weather. However; it's been a lot of years since anyone invested or looked into having a roof of some kind for those cold winter games that this league insists that we be a part of. If they insist that we pay $2,000 for season tickets, and they insist that we sit in - 18 degree weather, then the least they could do is to cover the stadium to keep out the wind and falling snow. However; we must look after the Flames first, as they are our tip top priority in this city.

For many years I watched football from Common wealth Stadium. I prefer McMahon any day. Mainly because, as a fan, you are much closer to the playing field. You see, hear and feel the intensity from all aspects including the sidelines much better than at Commonwealth. McMahon offers a lot to its fans. You really can't beat it. However; would like to see a retractable roof someday. Don't move the stadium, don't rebuild the stadium, just get that roof on there.