Football's Back: Week 1 power rankings

TORONTO — As you read this, it’s been 619 days since we last saw a CFL game. That drought will end at 621 days on Thursday night, when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers finally get to begin the defence of their Grey Cup championship. They’ll appropriately face the team they topped to get that banner that’s being raised at IG Field on Thursday night, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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At this point they are what they are. I have a hard time wrapping my head around Riders @ #2. The old adage that games are won in the trenches doesn't seem to apply here. I'll take the under on how long Vaughn lasts with a wonky right shoulder, an important appendage when dealing with onrushing lineman IMO. How effective he can be is Question 2. If he's out that means an OL of 5 big guys who have never played together in a CFL game. Hello BC 2019.2 It takes time to build chemistry IMO. Seems everyone expects great things with Maas there. But this isn't Burris, Reilly & Harris from his other stops as OC, all established multi-year starters with very good veteran receivers. This is a group in the process of trying to establish themselves.
Other than that "Calgary East" in 8th? Not sure about that.
Bottom line, there is no such thing as a bad ranking of teams at this point. Who knows? Maybe the Riders surprise me & the Argos aren't as good as they look to me now. I'd be good with anything other than Hamilton in 9th. Good job.

Whatever the final standings, and despite the Covid uncertainty and no preseason, this season should prove to be a fun and exciting one. Every team has strengthened and the chemistry between coaches and players is promising. The entire league has quality QB's, something we didn't see in '19. The predictions in this article could turn upside down in a heartbeat. And that's exciting. I haven't looked forward to a CFL season like this one in a long, long time. My prediction: Lions, Argos and Redbacks will surprise everyone. In a good way.

Power Rankings without even 1 game being played in over a year ! HA ! HA! HA! Putting Hamilton in 1st because they are pretty much the team from 2019 (they lost the GC horribly,remember) Yet the 2019 GC team is 3rd. (They too are pretty much the 2019 team!) So why below a team that didn't make the Championship and have lost many great players since 2019. Calgary listed at 6th just because they have a lot of rookies. Hey Stamps have Dominated the league for over a decade with new players on their active roster year after year ! They are young but the Coaches are vets.
I could be more accurate with these ratings by picking the names out of a hat. OH ! Wait ! Is that how this list was done ? HA! HA! HA! We just need to see it first before rating the teams. This Ranking "Accuracy Rating " =10% or less

Power rankings are the "swagger" of the team heading into each week - taking into account who they've played and who is injured.
Bombers are the defending Champs, so in my mind they should be #1. I could understand if you put Ham in 1st. But any other team ahead is forgetting what this team did all of 2019.
Again, I think any of the 5 teams in the west could fight for 2nd in the East.

After the Lions 2019 season I guess we get ranked as deserved … and not last lol. But after week one is done and dusted in 2021 I feel we will do nothing but move up that list.

Calgary didn't even make it to the West final in 2019 or end up in 1st. You're right. Calgary is rated #6 probably because of a lot of rookies. Makes sense. You're a Stamp fan so you think they should be #1? Well I'd hope so. I have no problem with that. Maybe non-Stamp fans don't agree. A Hamilton scribe just wrote a story on why the TiCats might go undefeated. Shocker. The only guy @ 3DownNation who didn't have Ottawa last in the East was the Ottawa guy. Who'd have thought? For the record, TSN's Dunigan, Stegall, Sanchez, Barker, Black & Bierness all picked Hamilton to win the Cup. Maybe, maybe not. After a few weeks the rankings will reflect who's better to that date. I'm not going to fret about the rankings yet. Everyone's 0-0.

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These rankings are totally useless at this point in time. Let's get through Week number one of the 2021 season, before making such ridiculous rankings.

The Calgary Stampeders ranked at Number 6 ? Who makes up this C.F.L. staff and are you looking for a skilled writer and knowledgeable football fan ? :rofl:

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You took the words right out of my mouth. The thing about the media is that they need to produce. When was the last time you saw the 1 hour evening news say, "Well, we're done after 35 minutes. Enjoy 25 minutes of a blank screen." So, they write this garbage. Stamps #6 with Hufnagel. Seriously? He's a better GM than everyone other GM in the league combined! Yes, the Stamps lost a lot of people - as they do every year! This year it's TO raiding the cupboard. The Toronto Argo-peders. The fact that any cut the Stamps make is instantly grabbed by another team tells me the Stamps are still #1. (It was interesting to watch your #1 ranked team bomb tonight.)