Why and thanks, best regards, warm greetings, now leave

What is 'I forgot to take my meds' Alex?

Perhaps the most generic Thread Title in the history of this board.

one cant really be a flutie fan if one has to ask why football.

Haven't you ever heard of "Flutie Flakes"? We have one here for sure.

Maybe Steven Jyles can pull off an Alex Smith…still a lot of time to wait and find out. Sigh…ect.

I'm still waiting for the O.P.'s explanation of why this didn't happen. . .

it's one thing to make a prediction, it's something else entirely to say something is a "done deal". . .

...corrected for accuracy

Sorry folks, but this is what happens, when you leave your PC on and your drunk brother-inlaw thinks he's funny. Explains why he's a Rider fan


Basement dweller bullied by Sister's boyfriend...

Nice one nurse!!!

You got to wait a week to make announcements :lol:

When does the real football season start BTW? :wink: