Maybe I will be greeted with overwhelming disagreements from many angles on this but . . .

I thought the Dorsey run back on the missed Field goal, that had the Duval/Parker Disqualification was a prime example of what I consider to be good football.

I like seeing players get rough and fired up. The facemasking that Parker did may have been ugly and dangerous, the retaliation that Duval did may have been unprofessional and uncalled for but the whole incident was enjoyable for me to watch.

Plus, we all got to watch Ben Cahoon further proving to us why he is a future Hall of Famer.

I agree with you.

I dont....If you want to watch that kind of thing, try the WWE

I like to watch tough football, but the football that Duval/Parker displayed was tough to watch.

I have to agree with ro and Sambo.

I'm all about excitement and rivalries, and if players want to do a little trash talking, that's cool. But last night's display wasn't the kind of excitement I want to see in football.

If you disagree with this thats cool , it looked to me watching the replay that Parker was egging duval on and Duval bit. I have a feeling that was what Popp was so upset about.

In Montreal we call him
Ben Cahoooooooooooon!

I like when teams hate each other. Football is a sport of Gladiators. It just adds to the excitement.

Somewhat more than egging!
He grabbed this face mask and punched Duval in the side of the head!

Yeah exactly. That is good football.

I was watching some old football clips, black and white style, The tackling was unbelieveably violent. Face masking, clotheslining, head punching, I love that shit.

I like violence. Football needs to stay violent. Just like Hockey needs to stay violent.

And as far as the WWE goes, no thank you.

You know, hard hits are one thing, but when you have two guys on the ground fighting each other, how is that football?

Everybody's talking about Cahoon's field goal, and well they should be. But how about Marcus Brady's punting?

Teams playing Montreal had better be careful; they may put Brady in and do a quick kick to take the defence by surprise.

Yes exactly. Now that is good football.

I love to see the players get rowdy enough to want to scrap each other. It is intensity.

I hear people whining about celebrations too. The dancing after an INT or TD. These dudes are passionate and emotional for the game.

IMO if a player is willing to fight another player from the opposite team then he wants to win badly. I want guys that want to win badly (and able to make plays too).

Anybody remember Dave Archer ramming that one dude into the Gatorade Table? That was a shining moment in my football memory.

I can understand the passion and intensity, but I think a line is crossed once players start throwing blows. It's unprofessional. These guys are paid to play football, not to box on the field.

Exactly! People with time outgrew the need to see men paid to hurt each other. At least most did.