"Football Weekend in Hamilton"

The event in the title doesn't actually exist, but it could. The phrase comes from Scott Radley in the following article,

Two games, two teams and one Labour Day just doesn’t add up In the crowded football marketplace, Canadian university ball has long been stuck behind the flashier NFL, CFL and NCAA versions of the game. Most of the time, there’s been no real launch pad to a better fate in sight. Which is why last fall’s incredible Vanier Cup was so crucial.

The result of the thrilling game was the first significant explosion of local interest in the game in years and a whole slew of folks are suddenly interested in checking out the product in the fall.

“We have an opportunity to be more in the forefront than we have in the past and we have to take advantage of that,? says OUA executive director Ward Dilse.

He’s right. So you sincerely have to hope the folks at McMaster will break with recent tradition and start the opening game of the Marauders’ season at a time that won’t conflict with the Tiger-Cats’ Labour Day Classic. Because right now they’re scheduled for the same day and it’s quite possible, with a 1 p.m. kickoff at Ivor Wynne Stadium, the two contests could go head-to-head.

It’s not hard to see why that would be a bad idea.

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It would be pretty awesome if they had both games on the same day, but at different times. Like a 1pm game and a 7pm game so you could literally watch one game, and shuttle over to the next game. It would be even cooler if Mac opened against the Varsity Blues

I think thats a horrible idea, if they want to play on the Monday it should be a road game and at least an hour after the cats game. I get that they want the students to be at school for the game but I think Friday night would be good before people went away for the weekend or Sunday night and then you would have most students.

Would be neat if something could be worked out to marry the two.