Football watched by 18 million Canadians yesterday

Much like the strong CFL ratings we have seen the last few years on TSN - the sport of football continues to be a huge winner for Bell Media with yesterday's Super Bowl averaging 8 million viewers on CTV and RDS (over 7.3 million on CTV and over 600,000 on RDS). That was the average for the entire game. Overall 18 million unique viewers watched coverage.

Those numbers amaze me considering the game was a blowout. But even in the US the ratings were amazing too. Down there the game was the most watched television program ever pulling an an average of 111.5 million viewers.

And Bruno Mars halftime was a hit. The halftime show was watched by 115 million in the USA and CTV/RDS coverage peaked at almost 10 million during his performance.

All I can say is WOW!

And, I did not watch 1 second of the

I basically bailed when the opening kickoff of the second half made it 29 - 0. After that I just peaked in once every ten minutes or so just to make sure Manning wasn't generating a comeback for the ages. I assumed lots of others would have bailed too at that point but clearly people hung in. Fox said they only lost 5% of their audience in the second half in spite of the blowout.

Well for heavens sakes, of course they did not lose any of their audience in the US or Can. cause there was nothing else to watch cause the other gutless sports leagues will not go up against the NFL . Unlike the CFL where ratingsare in competiton against the NFL , baseball, hockey and everything else under the sun . This alone speaks volumes about how strong our league is.

Actually it speaks volumes about the strength of the NFL's Super Bowl because everybody else knows they would get absolutely decimated if they tried to go against it - so they quite smartly steer clear.

Thank god for PVR's as I had several other options to watch instead of that overwrought game.

Me either, wasn't even interested enough to watch the uncompressed OTA HD signal with the rabbit ears :slight_smile: Apparently we didn't miss much.

I watched it for the commercial starring the puppy.

An Argo-Cat fan

"Wow" is right.

Sure it was a blowout, but there was still a definite entertainment value for me.

Some great football, from exciting interception and kickoff returns, to a dominating, stifling defense that was ravenous. It was one of the most impressive defensive performances I've ever seen in football.

Russell Wilson. What can you say about this 2nd year phenom. A fantastic QB and gracious and respectful winner.

Lottsa great stuff to watch. even the looks of desperation and exasperation on the face of Manning and the rest of the Broncos. Who woulda thunk?

And Bruno Mars was fantastic!

:thup: Agree 100% CK!

And to think 22M watched the CAN/USA Men's Hockey Gold Medal Game in 2010 ... That's only 22% more viewers in what many people call a "hockey" country first & foremost!

I think the fact the game was played in the Big Apple, New York city and the first time outdoors in a colder climate factored into the huge numbers, I know for myself the colder weather was intriguing although the weather turned out to be a total non factor. I missed the halftime show but from what I gather Mars performed well (listened to it while preparing grub) and I guess he has a lot of fans out there. He looks a lot more polished than Belieber that's for sure.

For myself, while I enjoyed some excellent football, the game turned out to be a snoozer by the fourth quarter, one of the few SB's I fell asleep on the couch at that point. When I woke up I was thinking did Denver hit 50 yet? That ended up being the entertainment value in the end, it would have been cool to see Seattle hit 50. Now that Mr. Manning would have been an emabarrasement any way you look at it.

At any rate, it's excellent for our network here CTV that football is a hot commodity! This is all great! You have to know Sportsnet and Rogers would have loved to have this on one of their channels.

That doesn't make any sense. Look at the Grey Cup ratings for 2012 it was up against NOTHING. The hockey strike was on, baseball was over, NASCAR season was over, no NBA, and it was the Thanksgiving weekend and there was only one NFL game at 4PM which was over by 6:45PM and the Sunday NFL game was 9PM - the GC had the 6:30 to 9PM time slot to itself.
The GC ratings were much the same in 2013.

There was nothing else to watch?? seriously, I don't know where you live but I have hundreds of channels to watch. We turned off the Super Bowl and watched Dowton
Like the Grey Cup I bailed early
Why can't you be happy with the great ratings the GC has, why put Canadians down and the choices they make?
If more watch the Super Bowl and more watch the NFL playoffs so what?? what difference does it make?

I do have trouble with your logic though, if you say that there are other sports to watch when the CFL is on TV and if people watch the "other" sports, aren't they making a decision to watch another sport and NOT the CFL?
If you had said there were other sports on at the same time as the CFL but people chose to watch the CFL then maybe you would make sense.............. :roll:

Just too bad around 8 million of them weren’t there to watch the game.

[url=] ... -1.1666058[/url]

A recent Harris/Decima poll found that while a third of Canadians plan to tune into the National Football League’s marquis event, 46 per cent intend to watch the ads that air throughout the game.

That doesn’t mean, though, that would-be ad-watchers will be turning on their televisions to do so. Of those who hope to check out the big-budget commercials that have become a hallmark of the event, the survey found 45 per cent intend to view them online rather than during the matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

Well mikey, you certainly would know a whole lot about not making sense ! :slight_smile:

Well that is one silly useless poll by Harris Decima. Because I certainly hope 8 million people aren't dumb enough to watch 4+ hours of TV to catch maybe what 5 minutes of commercials - since we don't get the bulk of special 'Super Bowl ads' up here. Especially considering almost all had already been shown on news or entertainment programs and were available online? Then again people are dumb enough to elect some of the politicians we have (case in point Rob Ford in Toronto) so maybe I've overestimated people's intelligence my entire life. lol

I didn't see the game at all. My wife and I were out with friends for dinner and some music. The evening was a blast and the music was great. According to the paper next day the game was a real bust, so I sure made the right decision on that one.

Why anyone would watch a TV program so they can see some commercials, much less talk and debate about it afterwards, I cannot imagine.