Football talk (again)

(I looked for a current football thread to post in, but there aren't any - so I post this at risk of getting it locked or deleted - but it really is about football, honest.)

Some questions about the team in the wake of the events of August 28.

  1. Will new coach Jones feel undermined after having his first major decision vetoed? Presumably he thought he had full authority over the on-field operations.Also, since the team deliberated the decision for many days, this hire was likely part of his plans all along - maybe a big part.

  2. Is Jones underestimating the differences between the CFL game and the US game? 30 years removed from the league himself, he still thought that a guy with zero Cdn experience could come in and make an immediate impact. Long-time fans know there is an adjustment period or learning curve to figuring out the 12th man, wider field, 3 downs, extra motion, etc.

  3. If the attempted hire was, in fact, partly about luring one of our high profile neg-list QBs to town (as some speculated), what does that say about the coach's (and mgmt's) confidence in our existing QBs? Could it affect their own confidence and therefore their play?

  4. Does the side-show have any other effect on the team, at precisely the time when a fresh start carried with it the prospect of a turnaround on the field?

I was going to include another question about Jones' confidence in our current offensive coordinator, but it doesn't seem like there is much of a question about that.

  1. I think he has a pretty good idea after this event he is a sitting duck. This whole regime will likely (Mitchell down to Jones) be terminated at seasons end if not sooner.

2)I think the Jones hire was more about bringing in more of the old boys club than it was a football move. To an outsider make it look like you are trying to get better, but really it is someone that is likely going to be more of the same strategy and mentality that isn't working.

3)If the case for a new QB was there I would think Zach and co might take it well and see it as chance to move on from this mess and get a fresh start.

4)Yes I think it will affect the team as I would have to assume the players feelings on this can't be positive. After all their names are associated to this team as well even though they had no barring on this hire. How do you now take the leadership seriously when they don't have sound judgement?

1). I still think hiring Jones and quickly naming him HC was a huge experience in the CFL for a very long time. Bringing him in to consult..maybe.

2)he had stated a week ago about bringing in someone he knew to help. Is this guys as stupid as it seems?

  1. if the entire organization was doing this to get a QB nobody else wants, then trade Zac now to give him a chance to get himself righted....even if it's back to ...ugh...Toronto. I think this guy has been damaged by our coaching without Condell.

  2. This side show most certainly will effect this think Austin list the room?? Jones will never get the room. He's already alienated Zac by not naming him the starting QB.....thus is exactly what Trestman did when he was hired and look how Ray responded. Signs of a coach who knows how to coach.