Football Survey

Please write this suryvey, just answer it in a post, its for a school project

Do you watch the CFL or the NFL more often?

Would you want the CFL and the NFL to join, Why or why not?

Rate the excitement level of the CFL and the NFL

What do you like/ dislike about the CFL and the NFL?

  1. I watch the CFL more often.
  2. No, I don't want the CFL to be a farm league for the NFL, if this is what you mean. Why? Players would be going up and down so fast it wouldn't be funny. Also, Canadian football may be forced to adopt American rules.
  3. CFL excitement level on average - 9 out of 10. NFl excitement level on average - 6 out of 10.
  4. CFL - likes - rules, great history and tradition, play for historic trophy Grey Cup, Canadian league with Canadian players. Dislikes - need more TV money, Canada not as much into football as in the States.
    NFL - likes - the TV exposure and media exposure given, great talent of players, great stadiums for the most part. Dislikes - rules are inferior to the CFL for the most part, all about money and glitz, slow pace of game due to rules, no Canadian teams, do not promote CFL enough

Look kid, if it's for a school project then I submit that you work a little harder on it. If you want a "survey" then you should give choices...such as agree, disagree, etc. Or ..."on a scale of one to ten...", or anything else resembling a non-scientific study. This is just lame...

Rules would all be NFL style. They are 2 completly different leagues.
CFL - 9.5/10 NFL- 7/10
CFL is Canadian. I also find it more exciting.

I agree Eski-Moses but I thought I'd help him out. But kid, listen to Eski-Moses, other than that he is an Eskies fan, what he says makes sense.

Earl the Pearl...don't hold it(the Eskies) against me, 'kay? I don't wanna be hard on the kid but c'mon.

Ok, we did get a good qb from you guys but then we more or less helped, in a big way, you guys getting the Cup last year. We're even I guess. No, I don't think you were too hard on him, poor job at a survey for sure.

Hey, as far as the Tabbies go, I went to two(maybe it was three?) games last summer because I spent a lot of time sailing out of Bronte. Can't remember much other than the blazing sun and the awesome sight lines...assuming I was able to see. You're gonna love Maas...I was heartbroken to see such a fiery leader go. Guess I'm gonna see a few more Tabbie games this season.

Yeh, Ivor Wynne, while maybe not in the best part of town, really is great with the sighlines and being so close to the field. Our season tickets are on the 35 yards line about 25 rows up, visitors side where you look at the Niagara Escarpment. It's pretty nice for an older stadium. The new video board really helps. Maas should really help but only if he gets protection obviously. But I miss Troy, a great back and now we don't have, or probably don't have Lumsden as he just might make the Skins. We need a feature back.

You'll get Dumsden back, no worries. I always sit in the endzone because as a group we usually make it a game time decision to go. Then we get there just after kick-off so the scalpers are unloading tickets. I got four for $30 last season once. They never stood a chance...hah!

End-zones are actually an excellent buy for sure. But it's just the wife and me so we go for the more expensive ones for our season's tickets. But I don't blame anyone for going for the end-zones, I think it is the best value for the money really.

It's where the part-timer's like me go. Besides, I like sitting with the "hard hats".

(1) CFL
(2) No like comparing Sparton Apples and McIntosh Apples..Look the same, taste different
(3) CFL is more exciting NFL is okay, Exciting when the Colts play
(4) NFL Hate the fair catch and 40 second clock.

And listen to Eski Moses....other than cheering for the Edmonton part..he is correct.

Do you watch the CFL or the NFL more often?

Would you want the CFL and the NFL to join, Why or why not?
NO. two different leagues, two different fan cultures.

Rate the excitement level of the CFL and the NFL
CFL 9/10

What do you like/ dislike about the CFL and the NFL
CFL: Like the players, how they are generally more grounded
Like the fans, generally more grounded
dislike. the eskimos

NFL: highly skilled players, that can produce spectacular plays more often
dislikke: its slower
- big ego atheletes
- smalerfield

1.CFL because canadian football is better
3.cfl 9 nfl 7
4.cfl is more exciting and fun to watch/dislikes: no football video game
5.NFL has more teams/dislikes they sellout when they become big and only care about money

  1. CFL
    2, join has in "meaged" HELL NO! my team wouldn't survine it (like the Bringmingham Bulls or the Kentucky Colonels), besides CFL is doing some well now. never will happen.
  2. scale from 1 to 10 CFL: 9 NFL: 5
  3. CFL: I like the rules ALOT more and I like how it's a faster game than the NFL, I also like the Rugby elements it still has.
    I don't like the Kick Convert and the Dead Ball on contat with the goal post.
    NFL: bigger playoffs cool video games
    Most teams SUX, bad rules, etc.
  1. I watch the CFL probably more.
    2)No because they are two different games.
  2. CFL = 9 NFL = 7
  3. NFL players only seem to care about their money, with exception to say, a guy like Warrick Dunn who donates a lot of his money to building houses for single mothers. The CFL adressed the salary cap issue, I think it needs video replay much like the NFL.

1- Watch more the CFL
2- Never ! 2 different games, culture.
3- CFL 9/10 NFL 7.5/10
4- CFL, love the rules, field, fans and players attitude.
NFL, i love the precision in the play, the usual high level of refering. And how big an event it is.