FOOTBALL Standings

[b]Winnipeg 3-2-1
Montreal 3-3
Toronto 2-4
Hamilton 1-5

BC 5-1
Saskatchewan 4-2
Calgary 3-3
Edmonton 2-3-1[/b]

So How close will these standings be by the time playoffs come around?

BC is seperated by one game from Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan is seperated one game from Calgary.
I imagine it will be another close race for home field advantage but maybe even a closer race for 1st place.

I would not be disappointed if Edmonton missed the playoffs again this year.

On the other side. . . Hamilton is one game back from Toronto as I type. If Hamilton can win a few in a row (which I hope they do) they could easily be in the playoffs this year.

Montreal is to lookin' good and bad. Hard to say what they are going to do. Although with MB calling shots for AC they could be struggling for a while longer.

I think the West depends on how healthy the Lions get. If they continue to have injury problems like they have in the first 1/3 of the season, the race for 1st will probably be closer than other years.

I think the East is a two-horse race between Winnipeg and Montreal. Winnipeg owns the season series which is huge, but they are only 1 point up in Montreal. For some reason I think the Als will pick up their play and finish first in the East as they usually do.

...too early to tell, the standings could change RLR said, injuries will be a big part on how teams too will be how players continue to perform...can Kevin Glenn keep performing at his current amazing pace?....will Burris be more Hank or Frank as the season continues?....When Bishop comes back will he be the same player he was before he was hurt or was that an anomaly?....

Hmm, I would have to say the standings are going to be just as close when the season ends. I could see Toronto getting up to second place in the East if they get Bishop back provided they don't slide too far behind in the meantime.

As for the West, I could see Saskatchewan edging B.C. for first place if the Lions offence doesn't pick up the pace soon. You can't expect their defence to play lights out all season. It would be nice in theory, but the CFL is an offensive league and relying on your defence so much will come back to haunt you come October/November.

Oh and Hamilton will win the east of course! :wink:

  • paul

I like your thinking Paul

Too many unknown factors. While its a team game, injuries to play a part.

(I hope that means BC has got their injuries out of the way early!)

I think Hamilton continues to improve each week. They could surprise and move past Toronto.

I love how you made Edmonton a throw-up looking color LOL! :lol: :lol:

Yeah I thought I would colour code the standings to appear visually pleasing.

Who will miss the playoffs?

I think Edmonton and Toronto or Hamilton and Calgary or some combination of that. Basically exactly what the standings are showing now I guess.

Yeah, I think it will be Hamilton missing for sure unfortunately, and probably Edmonton.

This is the kind of thinking we in Hamilton love... it just gives us greater satisfaction winning as the quote /quote underdog

I really think the Cats are going to surprise alot of you, things are coming together!

I like the Tiger-Cats... but I just dont see them making the playoffs this year. All the power to you guys though.

If they lose tomorrow and drop to 2-5, they could be in a real by way by the time Bishop returns.

And what's with all the Edmonton haters? :lol:

After missing the playoffs for the first time in 35 years, I smell a comeback. Especially if Calgary continues to play hot and cold.