Football Song?

Does anyone know what that song is called that they play before kickoffs in football games its got this big drum doo doo doo doo doo dun dun and then it goes wooooooa then this whiny voise kinda thing? Lol i no its hard but if you know the song u shuld recognize it. I think it has something about losing to you or sumthing...?

update: Nobody knows eh. Well they played it on a kickoff in the first quarter of the preseason games. It was on a kickoff after the first score of the game. Its literally annoying the hell out of me. I can hear it in my head, the beat, but i cant seem to get it.

Updated update: It was played on the kickoff in the first quarter of the BUFFALO CLEVELAND game after Buffalo got a TD on Peerless price's reception. It was on the kickoff after. Damn its pissing me off. agh.

PS IT HAS Been played at bomber games before kickoffs.

the bomber song:|?