Football Show on 1040

again they cut off the football show on 1040 only 15 min that is it, and then again a repeat hockey story

what a joke lions should leave 1040, i would if i were david braley

The Canucks getting eliminated from the playoffs are big stories! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Dupsdell, unfortunately we will have to play second fiddle to the overpaid Millionairs at GM place. Radio plays to the audience, and unfortunately the Canucks will always get the air time. CKNW treated the Lions as second class citizens when NW had both Hockey and Football.

yeah well 1040 is doing the same. i read today in the province that scott ackles might be back here after next year, and that would mean him coming back to do his dad's job when the lions get there new roof and gutted out and re dune bc place , then i could see that being one of the top stories all year round.

i am a hudge canuck fan as i do have the 11 game pack, but i think they should be trying to give the lions a little more air time, i know it is opening night on thursday and everything. i think after this sat when the canucks go on that big road trip, everything will settle back down, and the lions will get there media that they deserve. unless the canucks come storming out of the gate and go 13-0 or something ha ha ha.

i also see that the vancouver province has only 7 pages of the bc lions blitz section, i think the lions office bettter start fighting for there publicity rights, this is getting reduculas.

This happens in every city ,but when I listen to 1040 it seems most Fans want to talk Hockey so they are just giving in to what they want, but I understand your frustrations . On the bright side with less exposure at least the Ticket prices will remain low and you can take the whole Family without taking out a second mortage. just support them at the Gate and we will be fine .

well i just heard that the lions already have over 31'000 tickets sold from jim millen on cknw and said they are expecting around 35,000. not bad for a team that is getting no exposure at all in the last week or so.

i wounder if we win first and host again the WF on a sat (what a joke)
were the canucks are playing at home against the leafs, i wounder that day or week will be a bigger story the lions getting ready for the WF or the canucks getting ready for the leafs game.

it will be interesting.

Dude..., you worry to much about fan support and attendance figures. Bottom line is there are lots of CFL fans here and we can co-exist with Canuckle-heads and we have the best entertainment value around , so don't sweat it. David Braley ain't cheap and he's made this franchise a success so why all the doom and gloom. Go Canucks ! Go Lions!

I think we are fine. Canucks will always be number one. Can't change that. The team has been good to the Lions. 2 hours pre and post game is unheard of. I don't seem to remember any post game show on CKNW.

And now that the Canucks won their season opener, expect calls to the phone in shows planning the parade route..... :roll: :roll: :roll:

You have to admit, though, beating out Calgary 6-0... If I were Calgary, I'd be a little embarrassed. :lol:

Chief, ABC Bandwagon Builders are constructing a larger bandwagon so the sheep can all climb aboard. Heres a look into my Crystal Ball.

Friday Night Talk Show

Hello Dan, who do you think the Canucks will play from the East in the Stanley Cup Final.

Sunday Night Talk Show.

Hello Dan, those Referees are just as bad as those CFL Officials. The Canucks got screwed again. Who will the Canucks meet in the Western Conference Finals?

December 6th Talk Show.

Hello Dan, when do you think this 10 game losing streak will end?

February 28th Talk Show.

Hello Dan, If we offered the Rights to Trevor Linden, Stan Smyl and Dennis Kearns, do you think Pittsburgh will trade us Sidney Crosby?

Hey Caller, they wont even trade us Bill Cosby. Next caller Line 2

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Can't blame them for being delusional... sorry, I meant optimistic. :lol:

What was it ... Canucks on the front and back cover of the Province yesterday for a fricken regular season opener?
Meanwhile, the world financial market is in a complete meltdown and a federal election is five days away. Please. The newspaper industry is sagging big time these days as more people go to the internet for news and clearly this was a desperate reach by the Province.

This is a huge game for the Lions this week that has received nothing more than passing interest from the Vancouver media, including pathetically their own play by play station.

Well, it was a pretty important game (considering the Bourdon tribute). But it’ll always be this way - Canucks are front & center. Too bad it’s not evened out a bit.

that is what i am saying i love it when the canucks win , but the lions are going to have to do something about this maybe the new roof on bc place will help i do not know but they are going to have to demand some more air time or something.

Would love to see the reaction of a tourist purchasing the Province on Thursday.

Canucks front and back page then you turn to page 3 and its a story about a Mr. Tube Steak vendor saying how much the return of the hockey season means to her business :roll: (guarantee the vendors outside the dome are doing WAY better business during the Lions street party but why ruin the story). Then there's some letter from the editor in chief proudly claiming themselves as the "Canucks paper."

And if it was played up more for Luc Bourdon's tribute then at least put him on the front page or mention his name.

Hopefully that tourist doesn't think the entire pulse of this city goes as its NHL hockey team goes but you can't blame him if he did.

Meanwhile the Lions Blitz section was reduce to an all-time low 7 pages this week while the team is enjoying its best regular season attendance average in nearly 20 years and on a 5 game win streak. Bob Ackles would have been on the phone screaming.

I should mention I have been a Canuck fan as long as the Lions. I remember rattling around in the Coliseum in the mid-80s to watch a playoff game when the Lions and even the Whitecaps topped the popularity pecking order. I do think the Canucks will now always be at the top but there has to be more balance. Right now it's just overkill and this week is a great example of it.

Readers and listeners are the target audience for papers and radio stations. They don't provide coverage to make the pro teams happy - simply put, they are in business to sell ads. If Canucks-heavy coverage is the best way to sell ad space on the air or in the paper this week, then that's what they are going to do.

If you are not happy with what you are seeing in the papers or hearing on the radio, then you should let those responsible for its content know how you feel. If you want more Lions coverage or a balancing of the coverage then do something about it rather than posting doom and gloom posts on the website of the team you support.

Both sports editors list their email addresses in the sports pages: for The Province its Jonathan McDonald ( for the TEAM 1040 the program producer is Rob Gray (

This is not a open invitation to send flaming emails - contact these people responsibly and intelligently.

Thanks for that. I don't want to ramble on anymore but the newspaper industry across North America has been hit hard by today's technology as people don't have to wait until the next morning to get their news. It's apparent the Province is latching onto the Canucks popularity even more so to try and sell more papers.

Kudos to you guys for reaching out to your fan base on your own via your e-mail updates and game previews that includes everything you need to know. Well done.

Now, there is a big game in a few hours to look forward to. :rockin:

Thanks Lion Comm.

That is the most intellegent post I've read on these forums. Some people just want to tear their hair out over something THAT CANNOT CONTROL

Most reasonable posters will understand what you say. The doomsayers will continue their drivel. :roll:

Its like the Super Bowl being on CTV than TSN. More money for less ratings due to higher advertising dollars.

I really don't see the Canucks as competition though, as attendance over the last 6 years gets higher into the hockey season if you look at the history since 2000.

I love the Canucks only slightly more, and they do look really good, I don't see the need to bash them. Lots of draft picks that have worked their way up that nobody knows, if we didn't have our d-men out last year we would've won the cup and now we're even better than last season, only idiots at TSN would think the Canucks won't win. They all picked Detroit LOL.

Either way, i'm a diehard Lions fan and been to way more Lions games than Canucks games. The West Final if we get it will absolutely sell out this year for the way they came back from an under .500 record to being at the top.

Lions do need more exposure, and maybe a good exhibition game of a CFL team mopping up an NFL team at Canadian rules would wake people up a little more to OUR league.