Football Popularity in Canada

Hi everyone...great article today in the Globe and Mail on the popularity of football in this country and especially the fact that the CFL has a bigger following in this country than the NFL, 19% to 13%. Also the fact that hockey as a sport only has a 30% to 24% edge on football overall compared to 40% to 20% edge in the 90's. Certainly the sport has made great strides and especially the canadian brand of football.

Conduct a poll of the same size but limit it to Southern Ontario, and the numbers would tell a completely different story.

I agree with you because most of not all the support for the NFL comes from southern Ontario, but a lot of people in southern Ontario believe if it's not American than its no good, and not just football

I think the media has hurt hockey, the way they’re so obsessed about the sport turns off allot of people and has made me hate the game. There’s a reason only 600 000 redknecks tune into hockey in states, it’s dull and boring!

I can't even watch Sportsnet any more, some of their sports announcers are just plain bad and the way they promote "Hockey Central" like they invented the damn game just turns me off completely. It's horrible and way, way too much analysis for a sport that can't come near football in complexity and pure physical toughness with silly crap fighting and goonery. Interesting we don't hear the word goon in football but in hockey it's like part of the vocabulary.

the places that watch the NFL the most, are southern ontario - being close to detroit and buffalo....and vancouver - being close to seattle.

but with both the detroit lions and buffalo bills doing crappy for so long, this may have boosted the CFL in southern ontario lately.