Football Operations Staff

Great to see the Gamble hiring confirmed.

Not sure about Taman, to me his only significant achievements in Wpg. & Sask. were signing higher price free agents.

But like with Maciocia, it is probably only fair to judge him on achievements, not reputation.

And at least Maciocia is being proactive.

If Taman comes onboard for his contacts and his deep knowledge of the league, great. He’s not GM so he has no chance to mortgage the team’s future for high-priced free-agent signings.

Did the Football Operations Cap go up?
Are Kavis, Mack, Buono, Boivin, etc, not counting towards the Operations cap?

I don’t see that Tom Gamble has any Canadian football experience. His signing therefore leaves me unimpressed.

But Brendan Taman joining the Alouettes’ staff should be a great thing for the team.


Mack, Boivin, and Reed are all gone, and Buono was only acting in an unofficial advisory capacity during the first GM search, so not sure what your point is exactly.

Edit: Also, Boivin was president, which isn’t football ops.

And Joe Mack’s contract was up.

Miles Gorrell most likely will have to be sacrificed.

As I understand it, Reed’s contract ended at end of 2019. So did Mack’s. Boivin’s wouldn’t have counted against football ops cap, and Buono was probably not even on the books, or if so, paid very little in a one-time advisory capacity. So there should be no cap issues.

I also found this, of the many things that I didn’t know about. :wink:

They will get some financial relief from an operations cap rule that allows a team to amortize a fired coach’s salary over five years. Each team is also allowed a free pass on a termination amount once every five years

Yep, that’s correct. Teams get one free pass every five years, and can spread out a fired coach’s salary over five years. In our case, I’m not sure we have any coaches who need that amortization (is that even a word?). Sherman would have cleared in 2019, while McDaniel and some of the other departed position coaches were on one-year contracts.

Don’t forget, as well, that (for better or worse), our head coach is also our OC and QB coach. We’re not paying someone extra to be the OC.

And in terms of numbers in football ops, we are at 11 (not counting the intern), which is 3 under the 14 limit.

He was GM when Sask won the CG last and assembled the team. He assembled some good Winnipeg squads. Glad to see him back.

The narrative was created, on the Als site especially, was that he “bought” the GC.
Many disagree with that.

All of a good sudden Als opps are Canadian heavy.

Hopefully Miles remains. Great football guy who can do a lot of things well.

Letting Miles Gorrell go would be a bad mistake. I hope the Als keep him in a scouting capacity.


Danny did say that they will add 1 more maybe 2 more persons to Football Operations in the next weeks.


Very early days, but I will say that so far, Maciocia seems to be more aware of his own limitations, and thus hiring people to fill areas where he himself isn’t strong. I don’t know how any of this is going to turn out, but I will say that this week, to me, is a good start. Locking up some of our own free agents at key positions, hiring a veteran NFL guy to do US scouting, bringing in Taman to help with CFL-wide stuff. That’s all good to me. Wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.

Once again, agree 100%

Really what it comes down to is will he overrule others’ decisions. Yes hiring people with a strength you don’t have is important but how they are allowed to do their work is as important. Hoping for the best, expecting nothing.

Yeesh, Maciocia and Taman making decisions for a CFL team ?

Yes, this very much remains to be seen. Will Maciocia be smart enough to let the people working for him do their jobs, or will he start to meddle and try to swing some grandiose trade or signing to make himself look good? We’ll find out in the weeks and months ahead. :slight_smile: