Football "Misconduct" penalty?

Did anyone notice, I believe it was in the first half, that a Montreal player was given a 15 yard "Misconduct" penalty? It was called a few seconds after the play was blown dead and there didn't appear to be a "major" incident or skirmish.

In all my 60 odd years of following football, that's the first time I've heard that penalty called.

Has the "Objectionable Conduct" penalty been re-named? Is it a new penalty and if so, for what infraction?

Just curious...

Also, not sure I like the 15 yard "No Yards" penalty for a grounded punt, unless there appears to be a deliberate attempt to injure a returner.

Seems rather drastic to me but what do I know.

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If i am not mistaken this year i believe it I heard somewhere that if you get two of those misconducts "shoving after the whistle type thing and refs call it a misconduct your ejected after two of them.

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I also agree that 15 yard penalty on a no yards with a bouncing kick is going to be a problem.

Might be a competitive strategy to let all kicks bounce first.


Good to know. Are coaches to be given misconduct penalties for poor sportsmanship (calling plays meant to injure or 'rub it in')? If so I wonder if the Stampeders OC could have gotten a 'misconduct' penalty for that questionable late game blitz that injured one of BC's quarterback prospects? IMHO this was a totally unnecessary call during a very lop-sided preseason game.

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The penalty was Objectionable Conduct according to the Game Tracker:

(14:20) W. HILLS Run (4 yds), Tackle: D. CRAWFORD, Penalty: OC, General called on Montreal (J. HARVEY-CLEMONS) (15 yds.)

I don't see any other misconduct or objectionable conduct penalties in the game.

During the game, Dave Foxcroft was switching the head official position with another veteran official, whose name I can't recall, who probably just mis-spoke and announced "Misconduct" rather than "Objectionable Conduct". That might explain it.

Maybe he refs hockey games on the side :slightly_smiling_face:

Why would the OFFENSIVE Coordinator get that penalty?
And, sorry, it's a professional football game, not Pop Warner. It's bad that the QB got hurt, but I would put the blame on the O-line and RB for not picking up the blitz.

It was changed for that reason. If the ball bounced guys would just charge in and take the 5 yards rather than let the guy pick up the ball and get a possible return.

Letting the ball bounce may allow the punter to get there and knock the ball OB or recover....or send it bouncing away in a different direction.

It's a change I like, returning punts has always been part of the Canadian game.

Misconduct is the old penalty, probably just misspoke.