Football mega facility

So,what is the real reason for lack of fan support in Toronto?

You are more than likely asking the wrong people

We all know, or should, that “Canada’s team” is but a contrivance by Rogers to get folks in the rest of Canada to pour money into the pockets of the TORONTO BlueJays baseball club

Montreal is toast to ever get an MLB stadium built and get an MLB team back.

Not going to happen. Rogers is smart though to pretend this will happen and in the end get more sucker Quebecers to follow the Blue Jays and buy nothing tickets for the ex games in the spring there. Rogers isn’t stupid. They know Quebecers are easy sucker targets.

They really aren’t tho…

It could be fans feel secure about the Argos future, now having fat-cat owners with wads of money in every pocket. There’s little worry the team will go under if they don’t buy season tickets and it’s OK to stay home and watch games on TV.

Let’s not forget in 2012, not exactly a century ago, that 3.6 million viewers in the extended Toronto market watched all or part of the Argos in the 100th Grey Cup. Skydome was packed and all events were virtually at capacity. There’s little reason that couldn’t happen again. Fans just need a good reason to turn out and support their team.

Teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and CFL have learned from the Quebec City experience … building it does not mean they will come … NOBODY will build a stadium on speculation/expectation anymore.

I don’t think a Toronto NFL team would be a hit. They couldn’t even come close to selling out the Bills in Toronto series. Another way to look at it is Football is the same for Toronto that Hockey was for Atlanta. Big rich metro market, not so big fan base. Expecting 65,000 people to show up at NFL prices 10 times a year is a fantasy. Sure they would sell out the corporate suites, but the rest of the stadium would be lucky to be half full.

You are right, people in Toronto have real options on where to spend their sports dollars and the Argos have to compete for those dollars. I mean seriously, what else is there to do in Regina but go to a Riders game.

You got that right and that is one reason why the Centre of the Universe doesn’t have and will most likely never will have in the foreseeable future and true “state of the art” football stadium. But their concern now will be to figure out the Skydome, er Rogers Centre, and how this stadium will work for MLB in the next 10-20 years. I can see the next 20 years for this place to remain “the place” for MLB in Toronto but past 20 years, not so sure.

Same is true for Montreal … ESPECIALLY in the summer