Football mega facility

I was thinking that if we want football revitilized in the GTA and southern Ontario, why not have a football mega facility built. Indoor and outdoor facility with it being the headquarters for the Toronto Argonauts and Football Canada.

The combine could be held there. Football camps. Argo practice facility.

Even better if it could be built at the Exhibition grounds next to BMO.

Make it the centre of the future of football in Canada.

Why Toronto? How bout Mexico City?

But seriously, you’re not going to be allowed to build any permanent facility on the Exhibition grounds. It’d be extraordinarily expensive to build any sort of field house anywhere else in downtown Toronto.

Whatever happened to the idea of the Argos putting money into the old Don Bosco high school to turn it into a legit practice facility? I’m out of the loop on that one.

And who would pay for this facility?

Don’t say the CFL please.
The other 8 teams in the league have no incentive to support a facility for Toronto only.

The CFL doesn’t want to put a cent into the new stadium in Halifax, a market they desperately want. Why would they put a cent into a new stadium in Toronto when they already have a stadium? Makes no cent.

The Don Bosco plan got aborted with the sale to MLSE. Their practice facility is in part Lamport Stadium with the weigh rooms in Coco-Cola Coliseum and offices in BMO.

But yeah, I don’t see why a separate stadium will be needed for a permanent combine when the league having CFL Week in different locations each year.

I dare say the stadium is part (but only part) of the problem in “world-class” Toronto. People look around at SSK, EDM, WNP, and then look at their tiny 1935-style stadium and it’s just too small-time for them.

I don’t know what the solution is. Nobody is going to pump 100s of millions into new digs for a team that can’t even fill a small stadium. It’s a serious dilemma. It’s probably going to take a major crises or a major international event requiring a new stadium before the Argos get a new big-time place to play. The same goes for B.C. and Montréal too.

Only way Toronto gets a so-called mega-facility (55 to 65,000 capacity) enclosed/dome stadium is if the NFL makes their way into town.

Only way CFL would accept the NFL is if they were co-owners of said team (at least 40%) with ancillary agreement for NFL to subsidize CFL for a very long time, perhaps 50 to 100 years.

A Toronto NFL team would be a hit - canadian teams in all other major pro leagues (NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, etc.) so why not Toronto!

But I repeat - an open ticket NFL team with no fastening agreements to bolster/subsidize the CFL would end up wiping out the CFL.

Thus my assertion the CFL has to be tied to the NFL for a long, long time! (especially financially)

Well, we certainly don’t want the nfl here. We have a great product.

I didn’t mean a new stadium, just an indoor facility to house the Argos and Canadian football (non professional). Some of the facilities in the US colleges are awesome.

It’s difficult to know the whole gridiron situation in Toronto I would say in truth. Who knows. But as others allude to, in many parts of Canada.

MLSE, Bell and Sportsnet along with a couple of other multi-billionaires own the Argos.
They could build a new Stadium/complex with their coffee fund (if they wanted to)

Has anybody ever seen interest in a stadium/arena create long term fan support in a sport?

My experience is always that long term fan interest drives the interest in spending the millions needed for stadiums.

pretty tough to claim that when another league is filling the same facility. Key demographic in the immediate location may be a factor. I think the reality is the CFL just has a bad overall image in Toronto. They have a few big league teams,. thus making it harder for the CFL to compete for attention.

They would need to do something with the Skydome if Montreal builds the Jays a nice new stadium.



OBVIOUSLY … but why would Montreal. build them a stadium?

Besides, Rogers is so Toronto-centric that they would not move the Jays to Montreal if annual attendance in TO was 81 (i.e., one seasons ticket) and Montreal could promise them 4 million a year.

pretty tough to claim that when another league is filling the same facility. Key demographic in the immediate location may be a factor. I think the reality is the CFL just has a bad overall image in Toronto. They have a few big league teams,. thus making it harder for the CFL to compete for attention.
Part of that bad image is being mediocre for such a long time. Before completely writing off Toronto as a viable CFL market, I would like to see the results of sustained dominance as we saw with the Moon era in Edmonton, the Calvillo era in Montreal and the Mitchell era in Calgary. Sure, the Argos won the Grey Cup in 2017 but they followed that up with a disastrous 2018 campaign. That's no way to win over fans.

Some see the CFL as Mickey Mouse and nothing will change their minds. But surely there could be some that could be converted to the CFL game if the Argos were really good and entertaining for a number of years. They don’t have to gain many new fans as a % of population either; it’s such a massive market.

Montreal wants a MLB team. Rogers advertises the Jays as Canada’s team. Well, Montreal is in Canada. So why should the Jays be exclusive to Toronto if they’re Canada’s team?

Not that I think it will happen, but Roger Centre needs renovations. It wouldn’t surprise me if it would be better, cheaper, to build a brand new stadium.

Hypothetical scenario: Montréal somehow finds a way to build a fabulously gorgeous made-for-major-league-baseball stadium hoping to attract a franchise and kindle the renaissance of Les Expos. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays look on enviously as they face eternity playing in the not-really-great-for-any-sport and aging Rogers Centre. A few games at the new facility are arrange by the Blue Jays while Rogers schem…, er, makes plans to coer…, er, convince Toronto and the province that it needs a new stadium in order to remain viable and that, you know, it might have to play someplace else in the future it a new stadium isn’t built within a couple or five years.