Great game sofar, Toronto looks solid and Hamilton is much improved.

Love it!!!! Hate the friggin first half TiCat penalties.

it's a bit of a bugger to be 1 and 3 at the moment, but TO did very well, RW did better than I expected, and I think if Wynn keeps it up, he will be the starter in TO after Allen, and stokes had an amazing game as well.

Hamilton did well, but they need to come together and quit the pre season penalties, and that comes with time.

CFL is in business baby.

Maas made a bonehead play, but I believe he'll turn it around soon. As for Ricky Williams, he is the REAL DEAL!

I am disapointed at the lossess by the Riders,Ticats and Bombers i expect them to win their openers since they have improved over the offseason. As for Williams..............

Riders really didn't do much in the off season actually.

How can you expect the Riders to do anything when they let their star half-back go?

Seriously. They upgraded at quarterback and receiver. They brought in a new offensive co-ordinator as well as a respected coach like Cortez. Also have a new kicker who with a little work and experience looks to be an improvement over last year. sounds like they did a little bit to me

compared to the Bombers and the Cats, they did very little.

It's good to know they have a new kicker because a couple of years ago, he blew it for them in a big game.

Fair enough. They didnt need the overhaul that those two teams did. But I think they improved more than the three teams in their division

barley making the playoffs by CO last season, they should have done more to improve, and I thought, like you, they did, but last night proved that wrong.

However, I still think that they can place in second in the West, just gotta figure out what whet wrong.

Do you ever wonder if the Rider fans wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares of Paul kicking their ash around the field?