Football In January At Night.

Imagine if it was the CFL that decided it would make for better tv numbers to schedule a football game out west in the dead of winter at night?

“Bush league” “Idiots” “Mismanagment”

But since its the NFL and its Green Bay it’ll be

“that’s real football, baby” :roll:

And just exactly how did you want them to schedule the two games?

New England is starting as soon as you can, 1 pm, and Green Bay at 5:30 local time (not exactly night game) so games don't conflict. NFL can't control who is the game so they schedule what is best for all. Don't forget they have to factor in the west coast.

And as far as the CFL scheduling games in winter at night, seems to me that was what happened here in the Grey Cup with Toronto and Edmonton in a snow storm!

And don't ever think the NFL is bush league. There isn't a league anywhere that knows better how to play to the fans and the sponsors.

Hoopla and hype aside....

It's January and it's Green Bay. Brrrr.

This doesn't make the NFL a bush league...I think what the original poster was saying was...."if the CFL ever did this", then people would be saying THIS is a bush league.

I love football in November (I just wished we got to play in that month someday).

Sorry, meant to say 3 o'clock for first game so as to be able to present a two game package and still catch the west coast audience.

And hendy77 you are right, Zontar was saying "if" and not refering to the NFL as bush, my bad.

But the CFL has done some really weird scheduling to.

A simple solution to this problem is to schedule one game on Saturday and one on Sunday. This way both games could start in daylight hours. Up until the Conference Championships the NFL did schedule playoff games on Saturday.

I think the NFL did do this for “TV numbers” reasons alluded to above. Having the Green Bay game in “prime time” allows for a bigger potential audience. (frostbite at the game notwithstanding). My only question is why they didn’t schedule the New England game on Saturday night? Having this game in “prime time” as well would have increased its potential audience and potential profits.

Its stupid scheduling. No way a game should start past 2pmlocal time in January. If I were a STH in Green Bay I'd sell my tix. Not a chance I'd go out for 4-6 hours in that weather.

I checked the temp in celcius in Green Bay.

-18'C and it feels like -27'C with the windchill.

That's F**king


They had some girls in Yellow Bikini Tops

They Call us Canadians Crazy :lol:

-18ºC or -27ºC with the windchill? That's nuffin'.

Where are you guys from? Vancouver? Toughen up, you're Canadian.

Heck...I don't even start putting on a jacket until it gets below -10ºC.

gives the team that wins on saturday an unfair advantage.

an extra day to heal up before the superbowl.

Duh .... its 2 weks before the SB. One extra day won't make any difference. Talk about the short week they need to build in and you have my attention

I dont think any body enjoyed the thought of frost bright ,numbness running all through thier bodys as a great after noon or evening out!But it made great tv in my nice warm place!LMAO

But conversley the teams that play on Sunday have an extra day to heal before going into the semi.

You can criticise all you want - but the bottom line it was a great game!! The players played like it was a warm night.

The fans didn't care about the cold - the Packer fans showed up, there were NO no shows! Did you see the Bikini Girls?

I've been to CFL playoff games in November and believe me its a hard sell.
How many Ticat fans showed up in October for their last game.

We should be jealous, the NFL has had some great games over the past couple of seasons and some exciting playoff games.

the thing about the NFL is that it is so regimented, i know that every Sunday there is a game at 1, 4:15, 8:15 and 8:30 on Mondays. Everybody knows when it's on. It's the same with baseball, you play everyday and you could have Mondays or Thursday off. I like this. I can follow my teams. Look at the NHL and NBA. I never know when the Sabres or Raptors play and am surprised when they do.

The NFL cannot start a game at 3 and then 6:30.

Start the first game at 1 and the second at 4:15. they worry too much about the west cost!!!! At least it's not like baseball playoffs when games don't start on the east coast until 8:30!

two words for yah: LONG JOHNS!