Football History: It Was First Scottish

Just when you think you know a bit about the origins of the game of football in all its forms, with Australian Rules as we see it today preceding all other dominant modern codes even in its current form, well here we go with new evidence at hand.

Apparently many centuries prior to the mid-19th century, the Scots were at it in a structured football game:

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are they talking about rugby, or soccer??

It looks like the game resembled what we call now soccer in North America and in Australia.

Of course codified Aussie Rules, as allows handling of the ball, precedes the Football Association and soccer as we know it now.

The ball used, as had been recovered as indicated in the article, was called a football and was apparently a round, inflated, animal bladder as preceded of course the "pigskin" of centuries later.

Thanks Paolo, excellent read. :thup: