Football Hall of Fame Caught Fire

Just saw on News that Hall Of Fame Caught fire

Lucky for us it was limited to minor Outside Damage
Thanks to quick action from Fire Dept.

And they suspect arson.

The headline on CHML's website says "Arson at Canadian Football Hall of Fame" as you can see here: ... ID=1233348

The first sentence of the article says that a "small fire at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame is being considered an arson."

It says there that fire crews responded "around 4 o'clock this afternoon" and it is already considered an arson.

I would like to know more details about this.

Arson on the Canadian Football Hall of Fame? Well, so much for home field advantage as they say. What else do they say, they turn on their own clan first. :?

Where was Paul Godfrey during the time the fire was said to have started? :cowboy:

See! That whole part of town is much too prone to arson! If we build a stadium anywhere near there its only a matter of time before someone sets it on fire! We must build it in the suburbs with lots of parking (for fire trucks of course)!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And Phil Lind also. :wink:

Arson is a terrible crime. I hope the perpetrator(s) are caught and dealt with in the most severe manner
that the law allows.

I hope also that this fire wasn't set in protest of stadium site talks, but something tells me
this may have been the case. I hope I'm wrong. :thdn:

Time to move it to Ottawa where Canadians can actually see it!!!!!!!!!

Nah, leave it in downtown Hamilton, didn’t you hear it’s a tourist hotbed, people from far and wide love going to downtown Hamilton and visit. :wink:

Well, If Arson is now going to be a major concern in the location of a new stadium (with attached Hall of Fame) then there is only one place to build it. Directly across from Central Fire Hall on John St. N. Fire protection 24/7. Even close to the Cop Shop, to protect every one from the "Denizens of the Downtown". Of course we lose that big parking lot, oh well back to square one! :slight_smile:

Yep Arson certainly is an epidemic in the downtown area and nowhere else. :roll: I don't believe the hall was a target since word is a garbage can is where the fire started. Just another stupid jackass who thinks it's cool to watch things burn. Not quite the conspiracy some people want it to be.

This from City that has lost Team version of Team
Why would it go to Ottawa .. Toronto would be Better spot

Better yet Keep it in the hammer at the New Stadium

Damn!!! :lol:

we are turning into another Buffalo, Irv Weinstein would be proud. Homeless people cooking hot dogs give them a break :wink:

Hey Buffalo has an NHL team and draws 80,000 for football. We need more fires :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: