Football Glory days

No not in the past, the future.

5 Full NFL games and 4 Full CFL games between sept 5 and sept 9.

Not to mention other NFL games to flip back and forth on.

I bet with 2 less games to play, Detroit Lions win more games this season than the BC lions.

cant get enough of those football games, football games, football games. cant get enough of those football games…

…now you need to pay royalties to Sugar Bear…

Me I just say “No!” to all the ones I’ve highlighted.


…what is the point of anyone telling someone who likes to watch football that you don’t like what they do? just read and move on if it doesn’t suit your taste…FYB is super happy that there are nine football games he can watch over four days, that is pretty cool, yet someone has to crap on it…

…the level of NFL insecurity on this forum is staggering, simply staggering

…cue the ‘because I’m a patriot’ blah blah blah response ::slight_smile:

The insecurity as you call it might have a lot to do with having the league we love insulted, put down and laughed at for all of our lives. The list of degrading adjectives is too long to write…Here, in this forum, we have a chance to bite back knowing there are like minded people…Do the people who insult our league have CFL insecurity ?.. I think we know who threw the first punch…

You are right though, I just ignore the NFL.

No. I’ll cue my “Lighten the hell up!” response.


…so you’re okay with biting back to a guy like FYB? or anyone else who is also (by virtue of their contributions here) also a CFL fan?

…I don’t think you’re okay with that Dan, and that’s why it’s a problem here, in this forum, because you’re basically taking your frustrations out on fellow CFL fans who happen to just enjoy football in all it’s various adaptations…

FYB never insulted the CFL and so I don’t care that he likes the NFL. I never thought about it the way you are saying and I agree, hence the reason you never see me attacking any league. I guess it’s a loyal fan’s automatic response to years of negativity. It’s a ‘I am so used to defending our league that it’s become instinct’ type of response.

My son is an avid CFLer who also enjoys the NFL so he’s heard all the reasons I prefer one over the other. If he had to choose, it’s the CFL all the way. Why ? He knows our game is way more exciting.

Actually I lied. There be 6 NFL games that weekend with double header on Monday.

viva la football

…understandable, and in the context of a public place where some nincompoop is arguing that the NFL is ‘superior’ to the CFL I think any of us would take offense and stand up for our league…I’m glad you agree that here though, in this forum, it’s not necessary…hopefully others can see this as well…

…my boy too enjoys both leagues, but sees the value of our version over the version to the south…we’ve raised them well I guess…

I hate to say, but with Rick Campbell’s huge brain fart, Tor failing to perform a miraculous upset, Masoli getting hurt, and the massacre in BC, and not just talking about the score, I am starting to look more forward to NFL, sigh.

One can only pray that things be much better next week but MTL will probably win, grrrr

… and to the A & W Root Bear for his thread on free root beer… if you are a football fan, those days are going to be pure bliss

counting this weekends 3 cfl games starting Sunday, that is 13 full games for watching during 9 days.

A little creative flipping back and forth the following sunday adds more game time watched.

Just loving it.

Make a run to the bottle depot?..ask me in March