Football Gameplan's 2010 Saskatchewan Roughriders Preview

[url]Football Gameplan's 2010 CFL Team Preview - Saskatchewan Roughriders - YouTube

Good Afternoon Roughriders Fans!!

Here's our 2010 Season Preview Video of the Saskatchewan Roughriders!!



lol. Always entertaining watching Americans who don't know anything about Canada try to do reports on Canadian Football.
Fantuz, Dressler and Bagg will make a great "3 Wide Receiver set". Shomari Williams went to Queen's College. :lol:

Nice try, guys; it was nice to have a review of the team, anwyay. :slight_smile:

You're welcome Greensabre :smiley: :rockin:

I enjoyed it - no earthshattering revelations but all around accurate. Good job :slight_smile: