"Football Friday" now available on podcast.

Go to www.fan590.com for more details.

Tomorrow we have Perry Lefko on the show. Lefko left the Toronto Sun to join the CFL.

My sympathies to Perry for leaving the media and getting a real job.

Join Chris Schultz and me at 10:00am on the Fan 590.


Channel 959 on Express-vu.

Thanks, Mike.

Great news Hoagie! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

… good retelling by shultz of getting squared by zambiasi - i bet he didn’t mouth off to the coach afterward - just got even on the field

Check out the podcast of the Fan590's Football Friday from this morning.

Shultzie was in game shape!

Features a talk with Bernie Custis that is cool to hear later after the first half hr. and Kent Austin Argo OC makes some interesting insights into the QB position ,reading plays,executing etc.

Well worth the listen ,even if only on podcast now.

I always tune in to Football Friday!

Great Ti-Cat edition of FF thanks Hoagie! :thup: :thup: