Football Friday back on the Fan 590...

this Friday!

Chris Schultz and I are together again for what I believe is our 12th season together.

This week we have Adrion Smith in studio for an hour and we'll be focusing in on the Argos and Ticats.

10-11am Friday. Fan 590.


Channel 959 on Bell Express-Vu.

By the way, we bought our four tickets for Friday night as a part of a Burlington Stampeder fund raiser.

See you Friday!

Cant wait for the show Mike, Keep up the great work.

Thanks, Hogie.
The best CFL insight and intelligent commentary in S.Ontario.

P.S. Argos $uck.


Chris Shultz is one of my favorite football analysis'.
I was unwrapping an article that had been packed away in our garage the other day. It had been wrapped in a 1993 Toronto Star sports page and there was a story in it about Chris Shultz unretiring to come back and play for the Argos one more year. It's hard to believe its been that long ago.

I am Coach In BMFA For 3 Years…
I also Played in it … AGES AGO

It great to see Mike Hogan Help out the BMFA…

Great news to hear that Hoggie is back on The Fan 590 with Football Fridays. I haven't listened to the Fan since that "arrogant pant load" Bob McGowan was tearing apart the Tiger Cat club on his show because they did not sign off on the "undercontract" Ricky Willams deal. Rob Katz straightened him out though on the Cat's position. Maybe he should have talked to Katz first before his shot his big freakin beak off!

Anyway's, good to have a couple of guys on that actually know football. :cowboy:

:thup: :thup:

Looking forward to Football Fridays !!!!

I 've learned alot over the twelve years of listening.....

:cowboy: eeeeee haaaaa!!ya I'm pumped for football season!

You fan 590 guys s.uck!

Ok, not really, but I wish this show was on at lunch time.

Why? Is that what time you get up at? :wink:

If you're into podcasting you may be able to listen to the show that way on our website. Check the website Friday night or this weekend.

Thanks for all the kind words folks! the show...but Adrion Smith??? Is this the best you could do for "opening night".


You two have the best football radio show I've ever heard. I remember traveling in the States and listening to all the ESPN NFL hype, and then getting back into FAN590 range to find out what was really going on.

Keep up the great work,

p.s. I know, deep down inside, you're really a TiCat fan. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret.

If you haven't been, I highly recommend coming early (maybe an hour to 45 minutes before game time) and hang out in the west endzone under the scoreboard.

It's alot of fun there. You can mingle with a beer or two or three, watch the players warm up up close, grab some food and listen to music. It's also interesting to see who walks by. People like Bob Young, Tom Wright, Tony Gabriel, Angelo Mosca, etc.

It's great, great fun!

Where are your seats?

Can't wait to listen to Football Fridays again.

Another time! The other half is working until roughly 6pm so we'll be hustling like heck to get there for kickoff. I haven't seen the tix but I'm led to believe they're on the Press Box side in the Balsam street corner. Kids and parents are all sitting together to get to know one another a little better.

I'll be at as many games as I can humanly get to. I love going the games really early so I can watch the warmups and see all the pre-game hoopla without feeling rushed.

Nothing beats a full day or night of live football with friends!


Great news that Football Fridays are back. But only an hour? There is so much to talk about, Football should be the topic for the entirek 3 hours. It's June, who cares about hockey, its had its chance!



Hey Mike I work right down the street from you on Bloor if you want me to come in to studio and talk some smack with Adrion. :lol:

My boss is a huge CFL fan anyway so I am sure he'd let me go for the hour.

However if you can bump the time to 11 that'd be great cause I am getting off early to head down to Hamilton for gameday and I'd like to listen to the show while I am driving. So if you could do that for me that'd be swell!! :thup: :thup:

I enjoy the show and look forward to it. We are in Box A(EH) if you get a chance to come and say hi.


Shultz and Hoagie have given us all a better understanding of the game .

I knew zip, and I mean next to the fact that there was an "O"Line,I never watched them.

One HOF game at Ivor Wynn a former player from BC sat beside me and asked what I thought of one of the "O" line postions play.

I had no idea what he was talking about, and as a fan attending games since 1961 I was embarrased and vowed to learn a bit more about the O line .

Along came Football Fridays and now I've listened to a teacher of that position,thanks Shultzie!

Along with insights to every other position including coaching it's helped me enjoy the game live to a greater degree.

Thanks Fan 590 ,Hoagie & Shultz!

I have to agree, this is my only complaint, there should be more Football Friday. Especially when NFL overlaps the CFL season, the show could easily be three hours.

Mike, is it possible to have regular spots with the coaches - Marshall and Pinball?

You guys are WAY good for my ego, I'm thrilled that you love the show.

Here's the deal. Three years ago the Fan was bought by Rogers. My show was effected by the co-hosts changing from TSN personalities to Sportsnet folks.

So here's the conflict. The 11am - 1pm portion of my show is sponsored by Sportnet. Schultize works for their arch rivals at TSN.

They don't want a TSN guy in their slot and I certainly don't blame them. To a degree we're lucky the hammer doesn't come down so we can't use him at all.

We thought of moving the show to evenings, weekends, 9-11am Fridays... but nothing pleased everyone.

THAT'S why Football Friday is only an hour. I'd love the chance to do a two hour show again as well. For the time being anyway, one hour is better than nothing at all.

As for the coaches, Pinball is a weekly guest on the morning show Wednesdays at 8:00, Coach Marshall will be joining me on a weekly basis, we're trying for Fridays, but that hasn't been nailed down yet. I'll let you know when it is.

Thanks again for the kind words.