Football for kids

My son turns 8 soon and loves the game. He starts playing next year and I'd like to find an age apporpriate book so he can begin to understand the positions and responsibilities of those positions. Looked at chapters however they seem to be aimed at adults.

Anyone know if this type of book exists?

Unsure if one is around...try libraries as well ....usually will carry something like that

But if you do find it, once your son is done can he lend it to the Cats



I'm thinking the web may be your best bet and save you some mileage as well.
I havn't looked yet but I'm sure there must be enough 'how to' type sites out there to cover most age groups.
If reading off the computer is a problem
(I personally prefer a book) then a half decent printer may be worth the investment.
Good Luck

Edited to add a link.

There's a few that look like they might be helpful and even though they're probaly all 4 down it seems that's what most local junior leagues play.

Thanks..will check em out.