Football for grown-ups

I didn’t want to put up another thread but I was bored and felt like talking some football and the other threads are becoming a playroom for the children. A few points to ponder. I’m not saying Ricky Williams can blame all his problems on the O-line but now Charlie Roberts is finding out it’s not that easy to run without any help. Got to give some of the credit to the Als run D. When it comes to reffing people got to remember that everyone’s human and it’s easy to make the right call when your a fan seeing 5 different replays in Slow-motion. The only thing I wonder about is if replay is worth slowing down the game if they can’t even get that right. Yesterdays game seemed to take forever. I think the 2nd Qtr took over an hour to play. I like the right call but I also like flow to the game. Finally I gotta eat some crow. I mentioned in another thread that no RB came close to Charlie but after watching a few Calgary games I’ll admit even though I’ll still go with Roberts Reynolds is right there

Montreal shut Roberts down and you gotta give them credit because they have one of the best run D's in the league but then again half of Roberts runs were behind defensive lineman on the O-line. But im not making excuses he didnt play that well in terms of rushing and that will happen every now and then, had that one nice catch and run though. Reynolds is good and maybe his numbers are a little better than they ought to be because he has rushed against 2 swiss cheese run defenses in Hamilton & Edmonton.

the game wasn't too long, it started at 7:00 ET and ended about 10:30 ET, prefect I'd say.

Keep reply, it's the only thing that didn't go wrong yesterday.