Football flashback

Pretty good documentary. Some of the all-time greats are eternally youthful in this film.

That stadium looks sooo bad by today's standards .

I wonder about the process the Esks undertook in hiring the 28-yr-old Darrell Royal to his first head coaching position in 1953? Royal only had 3 yrs of experience as an assistant coach in the NCAA, so it was quite a jump to be hired as a professional head coach. I'll bet Royal wowed them in his job interview. :wink: He's obviously very well spoken and was decades ahead of his time in his approach to the game...along with his "spread" offence.

Royal went on to become one of the most heralded coaches in NCAA history.

An old post of mine

I was under the impression that Jack Adkisson (Fritz Von Erich) played in the CFL with the Edmonton Eskimos where he met future pro wrestling cronies Wilbur Snyder, Joe Blanchard, Stu Hart, and Gene Kiniski. All the other guys can be found in the (Eskimos all-time roster) except Fritz.

As further evidence that the guys actually played pro and that it wasn't kayfabed is this NFB (National Film Board of Canada) doc (Football Story) (1953) where you see Snyder and Blanchard in action (11:30)

For the football fans out there other notable football legends in the film are 28 year old Eskimos coach Darrell Royal and former Heisman winning running back Billy Vessels.

Just wondering if anyone one knows Fritz's CFL history. I just found an all-time CFL roster and no sign of Jack. I wonder if he went to the Eskimos and didn't make the team.

Apparently the same process the Arizona Coyotes took to hire a 26 year old GM.

Pretty sure that's old Clarke Stadium. The first time I went there was in the early '60s with my dad.

Oh yes, Darell Royal was well ahead but not so much in other manners perhaps, who knows.

Shaw characterizes Royal as an unfeeling tyrant who, once he had recruited a player, could care less about him if he was not contributing to winning. In one passage he quotes Royal saying he may treat Shaw "like a white man" if Shaw keeps practicing hard.