Football Fan of both CFL and NFL is that possible??

Here is my recent blog on my passion for football!

Yes it’s very possible. I follow both and may even check out the XFL.

Don’t understandwhy there is such aschism. In soccer there are so many leagues of different levels across the globe and they all have their place overall. Not everyone can follow them all.

To a lesser extent different leagues are accepted in basketball, baseball hockey and others.

In football, there always seems to be a pick a side or an NFL or nothing mentality.

Definitely. I love both. I love the CFL for what it is. Great athletes that make great plays with rules that engage the fan right to the last second.

The NFL has the biggest, baddest, meanest athletes with unbelievable skill. I don’t like the American rules as much, but the excitement around and during the whole game can’t be beat.

One thing that actually turns me away a bit from the NFL is that there are too many teams. I like the CFL because it is a small league, and the ya easier to follow, to me anyway. An entire day is not needed to dedicate to the CFL.

Anyway, both are fantastic. Awesome that football starts in June and ends In February.

Football fan of both for as long as I can remember.

Rider fan for most of my life. Was a season ticket holder of the Stamps for a few years while I lived there.

As a kid i was attracted to the silver and black of the Raiders, and still follow, but I am more of a fan of the 49ers now.

Also, probably a bigger fan of NCAA vs the NFL as I have been Michigan Wolverines fan. Largely due as a kid the US channels were out of Detroit.

Usports fan. USask and Regina

I have followed every spring league that has been created, mostly casual.

Only football I can’t watch is Arena/Indoor. Just don’t like it.

I actually love the CFL, but only like the NFL. I really love the CFL game. I just think it’s a better fan experience. However, the talent in the NFL is (not always obviously) superior overall. That isn’t to say there isn’t great talent in the CFL, because there most certainly is, but the superior game compensates for any minor differences in the quality of the athletes. Still, I really enjoy a good NFL game, but I usually have to be really interested in the teams playing to fully enjoy it, whereas with the CFL it doesn’t much matter to me which two teams are playing.

I’ve always considered the attitude of some that the CFL isn’t worthy to be complete B.S.

I am first and foremost a football fan. I enjoy CFL ,NFL and college. I don’t understand fans who draw a line between CFL and NFL. Can you not just enjoy the game. Each has positives and negatives.In my humble opinion there is no better atmosphere than a college game.I will go see a college game on the Saturday and than a NFL game on the Sunday.The atmosphere at the NFL game is very sterile compared to the madness at a college game. NFL makes for good TV, but college has to been seen live. I’m an Argo season ticket holder and will continue to go to the games because I grew up watching them.Unfortuntley the atmosphere at the games suffer do to lack of support.Hopefully that will change but I’m not optimistic. Thank you for your time.

it’s quite possible. After all, they are different games so that one can’t actually be a substiture for the other.


What bothers me though is that there are some among the NFL fan contingent who habitually put the CFL down as “inferior” football.


there sure are.

but I’ve noted a number of CFL fans on this board that put down NFL for the same reason (ie, no reason).

Yeah, it’s possible, I usually only follow the NFL late in the season, when the playoff races are on, and into the playoffs, but I’ll watch when it’s on and there’s nothing better to do. Football is football, whether 12 on 12, 11 on 11, or even 18 on 18 (Aussie). The teams I cheer for are in different spots right now… The Bombers are the least successful CFL team of the last 20 years, while the Patriots are the most successful NFL team over that time span.

Yes, it is

Why not? I’m not one, don’t like NFL and have been away from it for too long to go back but that’s personal opinion.

Being a fan of US ball should not prevent you from liking Canadian ball or the reverse.

I have been known to champion both once or twice

Like them both and an avid fan of the ‘local teams’ Cats in the CFL and Bills in the NFL.

Thinking about it now - of all sports I watch (and I watch a ton) - I mostly watch only games of teams I’m a fan of in most sports. That would include the Raptors, Leafs, Jays, and Toronto FC. Don’t very often watch other games in their respective leagues.

Whereas in football I do watch lots of other games including some non-Ti-Cats CFL games, lots of non-Bills NFL games and also a good number of NCAA games - especially those featuring Notre Dame.

Other than that over the last several years I’ve developed a love for Premier League soccer games each weekend morning during their season - no matter who is playing - for which I have to use DAZN now.

There’s no reason you can’t come to enjoy and like both leagues. I prefer sitting and watching a CFL game start to finish, but the NFL hooks you in with all of the extra stuff that the CFL will always struggle to match like Fantasy Football.

I watch every CFL game and have a man cave setup with 5 TVs for the NFL and US College

It’s very possible

GF and I are bothe big Pac-12/NCAA/NFL fans (she’s slowly starting to enjoy CFL, too). We usually have 3 TVs, 2 tablets, 2 laptops showing games all weekend. TVs have Chromecast so we can switch easily between cable and streaming, and a VPN setup for out-of-coverage games.

That’s just the living room. :slight_smile:

I consider myself a CFL fan first, then Canadian University, then US College, and then finally the NFL.

I’m actually a bigger fan of watching NFL Films content than NFL games themselves. The games just seem boring and slow-paced to me with the 40 second clock, extra down, and smaller field. US college football is the best American football IMO. It’s a little more CFL-like sometimes.