Football Fairness Act of 2007

On Thursday, January 11, California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation called the Football Fairness Act of 2007. This legilation would grant the NFL limited anti-trust law exemption. Owners would have to approve franchise moves.
The NFL welcomed the bill, which the Senator discussed in advance with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall. "We have long supported legislation that would continue the right of sports leagues to determine where their franchises are located." said league spokesman Greg Aiello.
Feinstein, who is former mayor of San Francisco, created the bill in response to the 49ers' attempts to get a new stadium built in Santa Clara, in the south end of the Bay Area. She has also said she would consider legislation to block the 49er' from using the name "San Francisco" if they left the city.

regarding the movement of franchises, ID bet that alot of Baltimore fans were Thinking of the STALLIONs while the Colts played the Ravens