Football Day in Hamilton

It’s laughable to me that some people believe the measurement of being a fan is determined by the dollar amount they spend on their favourite teams events and other merchandise. Isn’t that kind of like saying the one who buys their mother the biggest present for Christmas must love their mother the most?

Thousands upon thousands of Canadians profess to be a fan of the NFL and specific NFL teams but have never been a game south of the border. Do we tell them all to stop fake being a fan because you aren’t helping the cash flow?

The dictionary definition of a fan doesn’t include how often one opens their purse strings.

“It may be expensive for a family to go but a couple or individuals can afford a mini-pack the prices are reasonable.
It’s all about what is a priority for people.
If you are a season ticket buyer or a mini-ticket, individual buyer then you make the effort to attend games and yes that does make you more of fan.”

You have no idea what other people can or can’t afford.

Yes, it is about priority.

As much as I enjoy the team, mortgages, groceries, utility bills and family needs are a much greater priority than ANY game tickets.

And because you can afford such things, DOESN’T make you any more of a fan.

Just different priorities.

I guarantee there's at least one kid out there that knows all the player stats and stares unblinking at every single play on TV or hangs off every word on the radio.

But he's the child of a single parent on low income.

Is that kid not one of the Cat's biggest fans?

"Buying tickets makes you more of a fan" give your head a shake.