Football Day in Hamilton

Is the McMaster game included with the Ticats tickets or do I have to buy them separate?

Our Mac game tickets were included but they're single game day tix not season's tix. An email was sent about 3-4 weeks ago to inquire if we wanted the Mac tickets or wanted to donate them to a community group. Replied that we wanted to be at the game so the tickets were mailed to us I'm guessing that STH may have to purchase them separately but as I said - that purely a guess. They (Mac tickets) are supposed to be available before the game at the stadium.

I think they're included with single game tix but not STH.

8) Yes, STH were offered tix to the Mac game for $15 each !! So you are saying that single game tix for Monday, had
   the Mac game included for no charge ???

   Wow....another nice perk (NOT) for STH !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   Thanks TiCats for your generosity  to your loyal STH !!!    <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

That's right! Maybe they want to encourage single seat purchasers to become STH by giving them a perk? :smiley:

They already have our money and , as usual , try to milk us for more. It's been this way for a long, long time :smiley: But we keep buying tickets so they'll keep trying to get us to spent more.

8) Hogwash on that theory !!
 95% of the people that buy single game tickets for Labour  Day, have never come to any previous games this season
 and will not buy tickets for any more games this season !!    All they buy for is Labour Day, and will not support the 
 Cats for the rest of the year !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

  They only want to be there on Labour Day, and then call themselves huge TiCat fans !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I have to take some exception to your comment about those who might only go to one game a year and then call themselves huge Ticats fans because I AM one of those people!! I am making my first trip to THF but I have been a big Ticats fan for a number of years and attended a few games at old Ivor Wynne including the last one played there. Deciding how big a fan of the team a person might be based on how often they attend games is hardly an accurate assessment of someone's support for the team unless you think they only true fans are those who can afford to financially support the team as STHs. Hardly fair for those of us who aren't able to be STHs but still love the team. Disagree if you wish but that's all I really have to say about it.

How many fans do we honestly think come to JUST the LDC? It can't be many. I would assume about19-21k of the fans attend atleast 2-3 games a season, and probably 16-17k attend every game.

Tipper, some cannot afford the season tickets or because of work or other commitments cannot get to the home games. So, they choose one or two games that they can get to and, of course, they choose the more important ones to try to capture some of the fun and excitement of being there for the entire season.

The situation does NOT make them less of a fan

I was a season ticket holder many years ago before Bob Young bought the team. Back in '69, when I first started going to games with my father, we used to go to just about every one, bought them mostly from Barney Hershman's (hope I spelled that correctly) on Ottawa street. I still try to get to THF for a couple of games a year, some playoff games. Over alll these years, been a Tiger Cat supporter in other ways, meantime, buying t shirts and sweatshirts.

I have Tiger cat wallpaper on my computer at home and at the office .

I wear my Tiger cat shirts to work (at Pearson airport much to the dismay of Argo fans there).

I am a dedicated Tiger cat fan, even if I can't make every home game.

There are other ways to support our team, besides buying season tickets.

Although, I am envious of those who can and do get to every home game, I don't think of myself any less of a Tiger Cat fan.

If you can't afford season tickets then the min-packs are a good deal too. You can choose the LBD game in the mini package before the individual tickets go on sale
In a league where each team only has 9 home games, buying tickets is really the only way to support your team. Not much comes in from the TV revenue, fans should get off their couch and buy tickets especially in places like Toronto where there aren't many football fans.

But, as I pointed out, some families can't afford to. Some can't because of work, health, distance....

If you can put down the money, that's good for you, but it doesn't qualify you as any more a fan than someone who can't.

It's not a matter of "getting off your couch".

Unfortunately, you fail to understand that.

As far as Toronto is concerned, the new venue was only a novelty. The rest of their problems have already been well documented here and in the press for years.

Even the mighty NFL couldn't make a dent there.

It's just not a football city.

Called the Ti-Cat ticket office to confirm that Labour Day Classic single game tickets are increased in price to include the Mac game & "free" concert (3:30).
Next season they should give Season Ticket holders a slight increase to include this Mac game or an option of say $5 per seat .
Bad public relations move ,hope they learn from this ,also hope I get a free concert as part of Labour Day game ,if not ,....

It may be expensive for a family to go but a couple or individuals can afford a mini-pack the prices are reasonable.
It's all about what is a priority for people.
If you are a season ticket buyer or a mini-ticket, individual buyer then you make the effort to attend games and yes that does make you more of fan.

That's just silly talk! Fans come in all shapes and sizes. My Nana was the biggest Cat fan I know of and now shes passed no longer buys seasons tix. think shes not a huge fan in heaven?

Say What???? My Nana was a bigger Cat fan than your Nana. She knew a bad Jimmy Jones pass when she saw one!!!

My Grandparents used to go over to the Train Station and cheer the team home from playoff road games in … :cowboy:

And believe me there was a lot of BAD Passes from J. Jones back then. Good on Nana for noticing !!! :slight_smile:
LOL !!! Jimmy Jones !!! now there's a blast from the past . Jones brought a whole new meaning to the word mediocrity when he played here taking it to a whole new level.He was kinda akin to a poor mans Kevin Glenn in the seventies :lol:

I guess I'm older than you guys, my Nana skipped school to watch the Tigers rugby practice on Herkimer at the H.H.H. grounds!

8) If they told you that, then that too is hogwash !!
  All tickets for the Labour Day game, including STH tickets, are increased because it is considered a premium game !!
  I know my STH tickets show a $10 premium price on them for LD, over the rest of the games.

  It has been that way for the last few years, even when there was no Mac game being played !!
  Who ever told you that "Beamreach"  doesn't know what they are talking about   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  As far as the concert is concerned, I believe it is outside the stadium, so that shoots down that theory also, as being 
  included in the ticket price.