Football Colors

No I am talking about the jeresys or the turf,I am talking about the football itself.I was listening the radio and the announcer was talking about fans being able to suggest rule chamges this year.He said he would suggest changing the colorof the football and it got me thinking why not?It makes sense it doesn't have to be a majot something simple like a a couple of horizontal stripes.Just something to make the CFL ball stand out even more besides the size differeance.So what do you guys think?

The CFL ball is the same size as the NFL ball


This idea is so ludicrous... I'm at a loss for words. :lol:

My vote is we see if we can get NERF to sponsor us, and then use a yellow/green ball.

The faster it spins, the brighter it glows. I love it.

I saw a Nerf with a tail fin. That would be cool.

Or maybe each team played with a ball coloured their team colours at home.

Except everyone would laugh at Winnipeg and Toronto, as they 'd have blue balls.

Both are generally accepted in our written language.

I'm with tc on that one...............

If it's "generally accepted", then it shouldn't be.

And even if it's "generally accepted", I don't accept it.

Am I in the minority? Perhaps, and it sure wouldn't be the first time.

...and I'm with you some it might seem trivial but i can't help but wonder, why some people think, they not only can re-write history....but also the English language ....


Yankee spelling....neighbor....when it should be neighbour
" " ........check........when it should be cheque
" ; it should be centre

I'm afraid the yanks have taken a lot of liberties with the English language...doesn't make it right
On another note....why is it when people refer to our neigbours to the south, and also that they refer to themselves ,as Americans only???... when...let's see there's
South Americans ....Central Americans.....North Americans.....we're all AMERICANS.......They should refer to themselves as Yanks.....and us as Canucks.....that way we can reduce all confusion..... :lol: :lol:

....boy i hope the season starts soon..... :lol: Oh and leave the COLOUR of the football the way it is///

And papa, when you go to a game, do you buy a program or a programme?

FWIW I get the program....Those programme's always give me gas.

Wow talk about narrow mined people.Seriously why is so far out there to bring up the idea of taking the cfl football and making it stand out more?What really gets me is if the CFL came out and said they where thinking about changing the colours of the footballs you guys would posting every suggestion for colcurs you could think of because then it would be a great idea.

2 different meanings!

Center is the center of a circle or a room
Centre is a location, like the Centre for the hearing impaired

NO its not being narrow minded…Its being against change for the sake of change…

Do you(anyone) have problems seeing the ball? There is no reason to make it “stand out more” It reminds me of when Fox decided to put a blue dot over a black puck traveling on white ice…to make it stand out more…

The CFL is already concidered “Bush” by many and making the ball orange with purple stripes so that it can be seen better, will only add to it

....I realize the difference in meaning's just that the 'Americans' DO NOT spell it any different, regardless of meaning.....which goes back to my original statement of taking liberties with the English language by the yanks.. :wink: know... the one I'm going to have to buy to identify my team this year, MadJack... a 'programme' :lol:

True in theory, at least to me, but a quick search suggests that the two terms are often used interchangeably, with Canadians leaning the way of "centre" and Americans leaning the way of "center"...

I think they should leave the hair on the balls.