Football Canada Cup

Anyone following this tournament?

Established in 1995, the Football Canada Cup (FCC) is the premier pre-university football tournament in Canada which annually showcases the top under-18 football players from across the country.

So far, Alberta beat New Brunswick, and Quebec beat Manitoba. Alberta and Quebec will face each other in one semi-final, which takes place on Wednesday.

And Saskatchewan beat Nova Scotia. They’ll face the winner of Ontario vs BC, which starts in about ten minutes.

Just caught the end of the semi-final between Alberta and Quebec, who won in 4 OT.

Next up is Saskatchewan vs Ontario, if anyone is dying for some football tonight. It IS high school level, though:

For a little CFL connection, I saw that ex-Lion RB Corey Philpott is the coach for BC.

I’m well connected with the Manitoba high school circuit, and the top 2 QBs for team Manitoba declined to go to the tournament. Anyone know of any other star quality high school players that just didn’t go?
Or maybe nobody else here is that acquainted with the high school game

That’s a shame for Manitoba.

I missed the games yesterday, but looks like Saskatchewan beat Quebec in the finals, and Alberta beat Ontario for 3rd.

I guess Sask and Quebec are the national powerhouses:

With the gold medal, Saskatchewan has brought home hardware for the past six years – two gold, three silver medals and a bronze.
Since 2010, Quebec has gone home with a medal each year. Overall, they have six gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

Very cool!

I wish the event would get more cross-Canada coverage though.