Football Canada collaborates w/ Indigenous artist on logo

VANCOUVER — Football Canada and Indigenous artist Kolten Khasalus Grant have collaborated to produce a national identity for football in Indigenous communities across Canada, and an alternate brand for all football in Canada.

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FYI there's already a knock-off shirt available on the interweb!

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Hmmmmm. You would have thought that the most natural thing to do would have been to just resurrect a team named the Eskimos in Edmonton.


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I'm sure the CBC will be thrilled.

Huh? What does the CBC have to do with Canadian football of any kind these days?


it doesn't.

it was just an intended cheap shot at the CBC.

however, the key is the use of it as a cheap shot actually tells you a lot about the person using it as a cheap shot.

Well there's a reason why the CBC is called the Corpse. Ask any taxpayer.