Football Canada Call for Rule Change Proposals

This topic seems to get loads of interest at the CFL level. Here you can have your say at the grassroots level. How should we alter the rouge this time?

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I think you know my answer to that one. “Alter” is too tame of a word to describe what I would do were I in charge. :smiley:

A rouge is awarded when the ball remains in the endzone. The missed FG in the 2nd quarter of the GC should not have been given as it left the field of play, non returnable kick.

For reference, here's the rulebook:

Article 4 – Rouge or Single Point

A rouge is scored when the ball becomes dead in possession of a team in its own end zone, or goes out of bounds in its end zone, as a result of the ball having been kicked into the end zone by an opponent. If a player catches a kicked ball in the field of play while moving toward their goal line, and in the judgment of the official, this momentum carries himher into their team’s end zone, possession is deemed to have been gained in the end zone.

For rulings on:
a) Ball fumbled into end zone – Rule 1, Section 10, Article 6; and Rule 6, Section 3, Article 6.

b) Ball thrown into end zone – Rule 6, Section 3, Article 8.

c) Intercepted pass in end zone – Rule 6, Section 4, Article 11.

On a kick off – in order for the kicking team to score a rouge on a kick off, the ball must touch the ground, a player, or an official, in bounds, after the ball has been kicked. If the ball is kicked directly out of bounds, in flight in the end zone, no point will be awarded, and the ball will be scrimmaged by the receiving team – 1D at their own 20 yard (20 metre) line, at any point on or between the hash marks.

A rouge is awarded because of a foul as specified in Rule 8 Section 4 Article 1, provided that the ball has been kicked into the end zone.

After a rouge, the team scored against shall scrimmage as first down at any point between the hash marks on their own 35 yard (30 metre) line.

If the rouge was scored as a result of an unsuccessful field goal attempt, the team scored against may choose to scrimmage at any point on or between the hash marks on their own 35 yard (30 metre) line, or at any point on or between the hash marks at the previous line of scrimmage.

That crossed my mind as well during the game, but I think under the rule excerpts posted above it was a rouge.

My earlier point was that the rule should be changed so that a rouge should never be awarded.

I don't mind the single point but as i said earlier, the ball must be playable. What i would like to see is the CFL reduces the endzone to 10 or maybe 15 yrds and, place the posts at the back of the EZ. Tjis would create more teams going for 3rd downs rather than punt/FG. And, if the ball leaves the endzone after a missed FG then no point is scored (if the ball goes beyond the endzone). The pro players are too good at kicking. At the amateur levels, college and kid level, more teams go for 3rd down in the area of the opponents 40 yrd line.

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There are many that have made your suggestions, especially about the ball being playable. If you are interested there is a now dormant but relatively recent “rules change” thread that you can search, but it is lengthy. There is a lot of discussion on the rouge/single point there.

In any event welcome to the forum.

Thx Jon.
I've been a fan of the CFL for many yrs. Back to the old Empire Stadium days here in Vancouver.
I'll take a look at the rule section you mentioned.

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In case you are having difficulty I have linked the thread for you. There are many other threads that include rule change discussions and in particular the rouge

I think the rouge is essential to prevent return teams from just giving up trying to return, downing the ball behind their own goal line, and then being rewarded for it. To me that runs so counter to the spirit of an athletic contest.

But I'd be good with only scoring rouges on balls that land in the endzone. Like other kicks that sail out of bounds, it should result in a penalty and re-kick from further away. Either that or the return team could decline the penalty scrimmage from their own 1-yard line.

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