Football Canada announces '21-'22 Jon Cornish Trophy finalists

VANCOUVER — The race for the top Canadian player in the NCAA is down to the final vote. Five Canadian athletes are on the final ballot for the fifth Jon Cornish Trophy as selected by a panel of voters from across Canada.

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I truly object to seeing the CFL award Canadian US college players instead of Canadian college players, playing at schools here. This is just one more step towards devaluing Canadian players and our game - shame on the CFL! I supported the CFL and their Fan Base initiative by paying $400 to enhance the Grey Cup - I'm surprised that they didn't ask for it to be paid in American currency. I ma very disappointed in the lack of Canadian identity in the CFL.

USports has awards for football players. Here's a link with the winners from last season:

??? - this is just another way or recognizing outstanding Canadian football talent - and it's NOT a CFL award, and Football Canada recognizes it.

As the above link shows - U Sports has it's own awards and all-star football teams - easy to see/find if you take the time or care.

And IMO O-Lineman should get more recognition there - and Siddy Sow was an all-Conference O-lineman this past season in US college ball.