Football at 12,000 feet

I was walking on a trail at the top of Independence Pass here in Colorado at my conference today. I began to wonder... how much further would a football go in the incredibly thin air? We know that baseballs sail out in Denver. If Maas or Chang or Williams (as he tries to avoid taking sides) threw the ball and he could still breathe enough to give it a good pump, how much more distance would he get here as opposed to Ivor Wynne?

Anybody up to doing the scientific calculations?

(P.S. Anybody got any oxygen for this old guy.... pant... pant....)

Well, watch old Elway videos! LOL

Jay Cutler is certainly going to be dangerous in that environment...

I can hardly wait to watch a Cutler-Russell showdown at Mile High...BOMBS AWAY!!! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Ask a Bronco's fan while your there.

The beer goes further at 12000 feet