football anyone?

only 6 days until the first game.yes it is an exhibition game but still its our first game as grey cup champs.GO RIDERS GO




Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Yes, I would like for the Riders to repeat as champs too. It is only a pre-season and many of the players in this game may not even be here when the season starts. The only impact this game will have is wether or not players get to stay around, or get cut.

Anyone know if the CFL has finnaly got their heads out of their buts and are brodcasting the preseason games?

Look for that next year. Only last season was this concept ever considered and it takes time to convince the 'suits' to spend cash.


I am looking so foward to this season. I do every season.

Ah yes, football 2008 is just around the corner and the reigning Grey Cup champs look like they will field a much stronger team then last year. ET has made key signings and very wise trades trimming fat and adding depth, making this a most enjoyable off season. I am curious though in the sudden absence of our beloved nay-sayers with their preaching of doom and gloom....perhaps they now see the light and are preparing themselves for a steady diet of crow....All hail the great ET and our green prairie gods

And if they don't????? :lol: :lol:

WOW! You should change your name to inflated. Thanks for the refreshing perspective. I agree.


Uh, I havent thought that far yet, I will cross that bridge IF I get to it

Go Riders!

Then DJ will buy a dictionary!

Nothing will happen, geez you would swear he "guaranteed" something :lol: but I guarontee you Jman is right about the dictionary..I think all he has now is a fictionary :lol: ok that was lame I admit it but I had to 8)!

The Riders will repeat as champs I "guarantee" it!!

did I spell that right! lol!

Go Riders!

Yep, but you forgot to capitalize a couple words, and didn't end your question with the proper, I have so many things to teach you...

Teach??? Aren't you on Summer Holidays Yet? :wink:

You can take the Teacher out of the School but you can't take the School out of the Teacher! :lol:

Lol, thanks jm! :smiley:

Pffttt...summer holidays don't start until the end of the very end of June...we're just gearing up for exams and grad, here...

Any Rider fan planning to visit Edmonton for the preseason game this coming week and needing a ticket? I have an extra ticket in the upper deck, which i can't seem to give away to any of my friends, so i'd be willing to transfer it to any Rider fan wanting to see their team for only a few bucks.