Football 101

do the lions have football 101 for women like other teams do??

Yes they do. Its been around for 6 or 7 (maybe longer) years.

Its usually in the Vancouver Province, but if you don't hear anything by the middle of the month, call the Lions office.

I heard its a great program!

My wife went to football 101 and 202 and had a blast at both. At 202 the ladies get on the field with players and run some drills to get a feel for each position.

whats the number for the lions office, im thinkin of signing my girlfriend up and how much is it...etc

Try calling the Lions office at 604-589-ROAR

cool thank you

I just called about it, here are the dates.

Football 101 - July 16 and Sept 25
Football 202 - July 6

Cost is $52 gst included.

Yes they do!
If you click onto the community link on the top menu then click onto grassroots football, you'll see information for both Football 101 and 202.

Check it out!

They also do a really great thing for the younger girls where they can join in with the Felions for a day. They spend the day at BC Place, learn a dance routine, have lunch and get a little tour. Then they get tickets (one for them, one for a parent) and get to join the Felions on the sidelines during a game!

My daughter did it and she had a hoot! got her more interested in football.

It's about $100 and includes a t-shirt/lunch/tickets.