I see from the ticats home page that they are offering
"the first Ticats women's football teaching clinic".

The speaker with be Ron LANCASTER.

It says it takes place on September 13 2007 but it does not say the location or the times. Does anyone know the answer to these two questions.

I am thinking about getting this for my wife as a gift.

Nothing says love as much as giving TI-CAT stuff.

The location for the clinic is at our new business office.

For more info click here or contact Shawn Burke at 905.547.2287 ext. 257

I'm planning on going!

I'd love my wife to go but we are season's ticket holders and don't need the tickets. Is there a discount on the price of the course if you don't want the tickets included?

Enrollment in the seminar is $50. The tickets are just an added bonus which I am sure is valued close to double the registration fee itself. She could always bring some friends with her to the game.

If Hamilton does it the same way that Lions have done it in the past, SEND HER!

The Lions have been doing this for years. My son's wife went and it was the best time she ever had. (She already understood football but went anyways)