Football 101

At the game the Football 101 for women was advertised on the Tigervision. It said to check the website for more details. I can't find any info on it anywhere. Someone please point me in the right direction!!!

I think I saw it in that new magazine they have online....

yeah, there is an ad for it in there.. but it basically says the same thing.. check the website for details.

Is it really just for the ladies, I know someone by me that could really benefit from it if guys could go. :smiley:

:lol: I know quite a few of those too.

I'd like more details on it as well.

Judging by alot of the posters on here, that “football 101” should be filled capcity to learn a thing or two. :roll:

BG, we could have a heck of a lot of fun that day, couldn't we??

We sure could..

Football 101 will take place on Thurs Sept 13 at the Ticats buisness office from 7-10 PM and will be hosted by Ron Lancaster. To learn more information please contact Shawn Burke at or call 905 547 2287 Ext 257.

Shawn Burke
Director of Community Relations
Hamilton Tiger Cat Football Club

That lets me out. I work until 8pm during the week.


From what I see in your posts you know more about football than most men do. I'd say you're good :slight_smile:

I attended a similar event for the Als a few years ago at the Big O -- it was designed mainly for women, but a number of men went as well (I covered the event for my blog).

Mark Megna and Mike Botterill did a fine job of animating the event.

I would encourage anyone to go to learn more about the Canadian game. Ron Lancaster will do a fine job, I'm sure!

Oski Wee Wee,

Well thank you very much. You just made my day. :smiley:
I still wish I could go though.

Me too!! Isn't there ANY chance you can get off early just that one day??

I won't know until a couple weeks from now what schedule I'm working and it will probably be too late by then.

I just emailed for details ... I'm a woman but I'm really getting to know the game. I'm in Box D and at the last game there were a couple of fellas laughing and saying how nice it was that a woman was so vocal about football. And a friend of my DH was surprised about how much I understood the game :slight_smile: