Football 101 - Who's going??

So .. who's going???

I am!

Obviously, I can't attend being based in Montreal, but I can vouch for the value of such workshops for football fans of all levels of knowledge. The one I went to that was put on by the Als at the Big O a few years ago was a blast. I'm sure people will enjoy it. It is well worth the time!

Oski Wee Wee,

Lets hope our coaches attend!!!

maybe ed o'neill can attend and learn how to be an effective defensive coordinator and play caller, maybe mike working can attend and learn how to be a play caller and get the ball to your playmakers.

This may scare you to know, rocket25.

Our coaches are probably the instructors.

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Oski-oui-oui, this is a Women's Football Clinic.

It may be well worth the time to travel here.