Football 101 is back May 8

[b]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are happy to announce that Football 101 is back on May 8 at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Find out why the men in your life can't miss a minute of this game! You wont want to miss this year's event.

The deadline to register is May 3, 2012. Contact Nicole at 905-547-2287 ext. 259 OR

This is a curious thing indeed. This Football 101 for ladies.

They have a class that teaches ladies the rules of football? Good luck with that. The refs don't even know them on most occasions. Maybe this class should be instructed by refs. They say the best way to learn is to teach.

What exactly do they (and who exactly are they?) plan to teach these ladies I wonder? Just the fundamentals you say? Oh hell then. That sounds fun. Let me save these ladies a little cash. They don't have to travel all the way to Bernie Faloney Way for this. The answer lies in their very living rooms.


Step 1: challenge your husband and/or boyfriend and/or girlfriend to a game of Madden. Doesn't matter the year but '12 is preferable.

Step 2: John Madden himself will teach you the rest. Listen and learn ladies. When in doubt, just press A.

Does Madden give you In-class sessions with Ticats players and coaches, Participate in on field drills at IWS, Tour the Ticats locker room, 2 free Silver ticket to the Home Opener and Dinner ?? All for $99.00 taxes included,for 2 People, sounds like a GREAT Deal to me :thup: :thup:

Id pay $99 just to not have to listen to John Madden

It's a shame these TiCats courses/sessions are not available to couples as well.

The GF and I wanted to attend last year, although admittance is restricted to females exclusively. (she did not wish to go it alone and could not find another interested party)

anyway, I left a suggestion with the rep in case they may wish to incorporate couples inclusion with future sessions.
(the couples/spouses demographic may be a great avenue for the club to ingratiate) :thup:

In the meantime, I guess I'll have to go in drag. :wink:

My GF thought about going last time it was offered, but decided it would be too much hassle getting to the stadium right after work in the middle of the week. And the "free" game tickets were no enticement at all since we already have season tickets.

Use the free ones, then trade the season tickets for another game of your choice, that way you dont lose out.

  • Never have a Wasted Ticket Policy - Bring in any unused regular season game ticket (not including pre-season) to the Ticats Box Office and trade your ticket for one of equal value to any future regular season game during the 2012 season. (excludes Labour Day Classic, subject to availability).