I had a Chili Cheese dog. It was big but bad. The dog was good but the chili was just some bland red sauce and a few beans. Cheese was some yellow stuff squirted on top - I thought it was mustard at first.

I went to a concession stand in Section 117. They did not have any hot chocolate. Where can I get a hot chocolate for the EDF game?

the prices seems pretty reasonable. got a chilli dog and fries for 9 bucks. that pretty damn good for stadium pricing

My wife had the chili cheese dog said it was good but too messy I had the pulled pork angus burger and to my surprise it was very good will look to the future to order this again .just a reminder the original deal was free fries with these items so not sure the next time it will be the same price

I didn't get no free fries with my chili cheese dog! Lucky the cats won or I would be complaining big time to management!

Where can I get hot chocolate? Are they only sold at certain concessions?

I ordered the poutine - the manager told me I may have been the first person in the stadium to order it. (It took them a while to figure out how to make it). It was actually really good - the cheese seemed like authentic grated curds, the fries were super-crispy and the gravy was good too.

While I was waiting, the guy who seemed like the manager was telling me that they were a little short staffed with a Copps Coliseum game at the same time (a lot of the food service chefs work both venues) and they were still getting familiar with the equipment and the new items.

I got a sample of a spring roll later in the game, and it was crisp and tasty. Seemed as good as any spring rol I've had in local restaurants.

They ran out of coffee before the end of the first half on the upper west side. Really, it's a joke at this point that the temporary arrangements aren't functioning better.