Food in the Hammer!

Here it is! The much anticipated "Where to eat in Hamilton" / "memories of Stoney Creek" / "stadium food" -food thread.

I'll start off by staying my favourite pre-game eater is Staropolskie Delikatesy. It's best on Thursday night games (do we have those anymore?) with a great plate of Polish food for less than $10. As for stadium food - It was pretty good at the GC.

As Lenny pointed out in another thread, the food trucks were good in Guelph.

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Maybe in Bernie Custis school parking lot? Not really sure how big it is. I know space is limited there but should be good enough for 3 or 4 trucks.

I would like to point out that the Ukrainian hall has cabbage rolls for order for pickup on Thursdays - right across from Staropolski.

Might be worth supporting them during this time.


Staropolskie always made great sandwiches. Their sandwiches are a nice change from a typical sub. More like something Grandma would make for you after school. :smile:

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I worked as a student in Dofasco during the late 80s. All the guys that worked on my shift would go down to Aceti's after each payday. Literally everybody ordered suicide wings with a side order of suicide dipping sauce. Imagine a whole table of red-faced and sweating dudes. LOL.
Of course a hell of a a lot of draft was needed to wash down all those wings.

Many great times at Aceti's.

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Good call Kris. I was also going to suggest Aceti's. I come over from Toronto once and awhile to see the Cats. Great Italian food and frosty beer at Aceti's. Time permitting, we have dessert at the very first Tim Hortons at Ottawa and Dunsmore. Hope I spelled the latter street correctly. :grinning:

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My buddy dined in and said BEST pizza he has ever had.

I really wanted to try this for my recent birthday but when I drove by to scope it out I didn't think it looked great for 87 year old mom.

anyone have anything to share about this place?

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Great call! I've seen the sign but had forgotten about it.

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Those pizzas look really interesting. Something a little different from the usual mom & pop pizza joint. I'll definitely have to check them out.

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