Food glorious food!

OK - a guy can only eat so much popcorn and pizza when watching his Cats play -- so this part of the email the Cats sent out about the next home game has my stomach growling.

Levy Restaurants will unveil seven new signature food items on November 8th including Classic Canadian Poutine, chili cheese dogs and a pulled pork grilled Angus burger. Guests purchasing a signature item will receive a half order of French Fries free with purchase. Levy Restaurants will be sampling these new signature items in both the east and west concourse beginning at 2:30 p.m.

I'll have three chili cheese dogs, fries and two cold beers!
TiCat win would be a great dessert!

pulled pork grilled Angus burger.

oh hell yah!!!

I like pulled pork (by itself, or in a bun), and I like bacon on burgers, but pulled pork on a burger just seems strange to me. I guess Wendy's is pushing the idea too, though:

[url=] ... eeseburger[/url]

Though I imagine Levy, like Wendy's will be offering "pulled pork" that is slow cooked, but not actually smoked. When I think pulled pork, I think smoked. I supposed when it's in a burger that distinction is expected to be less discernable anyway.

try the 'big jack daddy burger" at Buffalo Wild Wings. your taste buds with thank you!